Where will Taishan Dong be in two years

7 foot heavyweight Taishan Dong (2-0-0 2KO) from China has received quite a bit of coverage in the media not usually enjoyed by fighters with just one or two professional fights. He has said in the past that he has only been fighting for a few years and to pick up boxing in your early twenties is not usually followed by a successful career, but in this case the physical tools are so rare that he could defiantly make it. In recent years we have seen Valuev take up boxing a little later than most and go on to become a title holder at heavyweight, and this could become a similar story.

Taishan Dong is now working with well respected trainer Buddy McGirt and are basically working on the fundamentals such as footwork and defence as it is clear that the physical side such as power is already established. With only two fights available to watch so far it is difficult to monitor progress but his third outing will be soon and hopefully we can see where he is at, but it is probably the case that the fight will be over before we get much of a showcase.

Taishan is starting his ascent at a good time because it will very likely be the case that the final active Klitschko brother; Wladimir will be retired by the time he is in the title picture and the crowns will be held by someone like Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or one of the other talented fighters who are out there currently. It doesn’t look like anyone is going to be capable of dethroning Wladimir and it will likely be a case of him retiring before losing the title much like Lennox Lewis did.

Taishan is one of three now undefeated Chinese heavyweights with Zhang Junlong (10-0-0 10KO) and Zhang Zhilei (2-0-0 2KO) also competing in the weight class, but due to his size Taishan is the one receiving the attention. For the foreseeable future these guys will be up against competition who will not be able to test them as they go grown and develop, but in a few years we may see one of these big men in at the top of the rankings, and if they make it there are some great matchups to be made.