The waiting game with boxings top stars

Several of the biggest names in the business have no scheduled fights in place. Over the past few weeks there has been tons of talk and chatter about potential matchups and especially between the never-ending lists of May-Pac ‘news.’

When you consider that Mayweather, Pacquiao, Froch, Khan, Bradley, Cotto, Ward, Marquez, Stevenson and Maidana are all without an opponent lined up, you have to believe that some awesome fights are going to be announced in the coming weeks. It is almost guaranteed that some fights will be made within this list, mainly in and around the welterweight region where there is a lot of talent.

It is not usual to have so many of the pound for pound top 25 without a scheduled date and the news recently is more about who is talking about potential opponents rather than who is actually having fights. Guys like Gennady Golovkin are simply reeling everyone in the division onto a conveyor belt and laying them out one by one in systematic fashion but the on-off nature of many other top boxing stars is leaving the fans a little disgruntled.
The main fight people are looking for is Mayweather vs Pacquiao and any other fight one of those two announce will be a disappointment in the eyes of most fans. A fight like Pac-Khan or May-Cotto 2 that I would normally like to watch pale in comparison to what would be the end of a 7-year saga if the May-Pac fight could finally be agreed upon.

Danny Garcia wants to take #1 spot from Errol Spence Jr

Even though it is unlikely that fight will ever be made we do have some exciting announcements heading our way from the other guys on the list, Froch, who at one point seemed to be considering retirement is likely to fight again. His trainer has said that he believes retirement to be an option, but one that Carl is not likely to take as there is so much money to be made in the future.

Khan is looking for a big name and has said that he would take Cotto, Mayweather or Pacquiao, even if he doesn’t land one of those three legends he will likely get big fight in some form and that could be one to watch depending on what kind of style he is matched up against. You can bet it will not be a heavy puncher.
Timothy Bradley may move up and fight Cotto at a catch weight or he may stay at welterweight and look there for a good fight. After a disappointing 2014 which saw him take his first loss and his first draw on what was an unblemished record at the start of the year. He is now looking to bounce back with a win but has not had a break from top opposition in some time and I doubt he would drop down to B-C level fighters now so any way he goes there will likely be a great fight for him.

Marquez, Stevenson and Maidana were the last names on the list. Each should be looking for an opponent at this time and there are good matchups out there for each. Marquez will be looking to fight Brook in the summer to capture his fifth division world title and become the first Mexican fighter to do it. For now he should look for a tune up/stay busy type fight to keep the 41 year old on his toes. Maidana can really fight anyone in the welterweight division after his profile was raised by the two Mayweather fights. Stevenson is probably in the hardest situation as his reputation has taken a hit in 2014 and the other two best fighters in his division are set to fight each other in Kovalev and Pascal. I am not sure whom he can fight in defending his WBC strap but it has to be someone decent and recognisable to keep his stock from falling any further.