‘We’ll take Tank Davis’ says Teofimo Lopez Sr., targeting Josh Taylor after Kambosos blowout

10/15/2021 - By Will Arons - Comments

Teofimo Lopez Sr. says he wants 140-lb undisputed champion Josh Taylor in April for his son Teo and then Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. IBF/WBA/WBC Franchise/WBO lightweight champion Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs) first needs to get rid of his IBF mandatory George Kambosos Jr. on November 13th before he can go after Taylor and Tank.

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has taken over the promotion of the Teofimo vs. Kambosos fight. Teofimo Sr. says they’re having some issues over the WBC Franchise title.

He wants that belt to be on the line for the Kambosos fight, but it’s unclear whether it will be. Even if it’s not, it doesn’t matter because it’s not expected to be a competitive fight.

Teofimo Sr. wants to have all four of Teo’s 135-lb titles to be at stake for when he fights Josh Taylor in April. The winner of the fight would be a two-division undisputed champion. It doesn’t look like that’ll happen, though, because Top Rank promoter Bob Arum isn’t in favor of it, according to Teofimo Sr.

Teofimo Sr. hopes Taylor doesn’t “chicken out”

“We’re going to 140, and we’re chasing Josh Taylor right now. That’s the guy that we want,” said Teofimo Sr. to Fighthype. “You fight the best to become the best. My son is way ahead of them at only1 six fights.

'We'll take Tank Davis' says Teofimo Lopez Sr., targeting Josh Taylor after Kambosos blowout

“Why isn’t Tank calling out Josh Taylor? Of course, it’s going to be made,” said Teofimo Sr. when asked if the fight between Teo and Josh Taylor is going to be made.

“I already spoke with Bob [Arum], and he promised me that we’re going to fight him in April. That’s if he doesn’t chicken out and go to 147. He [Teofimo] adapts to everybody, and the game of boxing is adapting.

Kambosos is going down in the first round. My son is going to go in and destroy him. It won’t go past three rounds. We just want to get rid of this. It’s probably going to happen on November 13th. I already spike to Eddie Hearn,” said Teofimo Sr. about the promoter of the Teo vs. Kambosos Jr. event.

“After we beat Josh Taylor, we’ll go up to 147 and beat whoever is there too. That’s just the way we are. We want the best competition because my son is real.

“Why aren’t they calling out my son? Why don’t they want to fight my son? They’re probably going to overprice themselves. My son is the A-side. We got all the belts,” said Teofimo Sr.

The likely only reason Josh Taylor would choose not to fight Teofimo is if he moves up to challenge WBO 147-lb champion Terence Crawford for his title. That would probably be the bigger payday for Taylor to take on Crawford on PPV. If that happens, Taylor might choose to vacate his four light welterweight straps.

Tank on Teofimo Sr’s target list

“These guys from TMT [Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis], they got regular belts. Fighting [WBA ‘regular’ light welterweight champion Mario] Barrios? Give me a break. Why don’t you call out Josh Taylor?

We don’t play it safe. I don’t care about no zeros. We go after the big boys. Do you know why? Because we go to another level.

We’ll take Tank. He fought at 140 already. We can do that after Josh Taylor. Of course, because by that time, we’ll have all Josh Taylor’s belts,” said Teofimo Sr when asked if Teo will be the A-side for a fight with Tank Davis.

“By April, we’re going to have ALL the belts, 135 and 140. That’s why my son wanted to do a catchweight at 137 so that both of them could weigh in at 135 and fight for all the belts. It’s never been done. I don’t think Bob Arum likes that idea, so we’ll fight him [Josh Taylor] at 140.

“We’ll still have all the belts. This is just the beginning. What you guys are going to see, it’s never been done in boxing history,”  said Teofimo Sr.

It’s a longshot that Teofimo will fight Gervonta Davis, especially if he defeats Taylor. Mayweather Promotions probably won’t want to risk their #1 asset, Tank Davis, by putting him in with Teofimo if he’s coming off a sensational win over Taylor.

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19 thoughts on “‘We’ll take Tank Davis’ says Teofimo Lopez Sr., targeting Josh Taylor after Kambosos blowout”

  1. Both Lopez’s are idiots for this catchweight nonsense. You have to be at or below the max weight for the division to contest a belt for that weight class. Otherwise it’s considered CHEATING. If they want both sets of belts on the line, Taylor would have to come down to 135, and frankly, Crawford is a better fight for him. Lopez needs to clear out his division as Taylor did. He’s not come anywhere close.

    As for not rematching Lomachenko, there was no rematch clause because Bob Arum doesn’t like them and thinks they hold up divisions. But both Lopez’s have said that Loma is the second best in the division, so why not fight him? They’re spreading a false narrative that Loma doesn’t grant rematches, but they’d be hard pressed to name one opponent that wanted a rematch that he denied. Why? Because Jr doesn’t have any confidence in being able to win the rematch. Beating Loma twice would really cement his legacy and give him ammunition to fight Taylor. It would be an easy fight to make. Loma and Bob Arum both want it, and they’re all under Top Rank.

    They’re talking about Tank because they know he’s not fighting anyone who’s not in Mayweather promotions and if they do, they want it at 140, because that gives Teo an advantage. What happened to the hungry Teo?

  2. I hope Lopez gives the almighty ‘Loma” a rematch….and kills the obnoxious, unlikeable and over-rated git in front of his daddy!!!

    • 🙄Loma is washed up. Give up. Teo dominated him the majority of the fight. Ya boy too small.

    • first off why is it so hard for him too fight devin haney because it’s not the promoters its the fighters. and he is not undisputed. he shouldn’t be making up all kinds off excuses too avoid the big fights.it’s said that he keeps running.

    • Ain’t gonna happen!! TEO by KO in 3 rounds.. Kambosas too flat footed and comes atariaght at his opponent.. Sleep time for the Australian..

    • Teofimo will get his OVERRATED ass kicked by Josh Taylor. His ignorant ass father is delusional

  3. First off, how is it that anybody can say that Teo Jr. is undisputed with a “franchise” belt, when we all know Devin Haney has the WBC belt? Secondly, we all see through the smoke and mirrors. Teo claim to want to fight the best but he’s running from the competition in his weight class. If you can call out Josh Taylor, then you can call out Tank Davis, Devin Haney or even Ryan Garcia. But its all clout for you. And, I believe Kambosos gonna surprise alot of people by defeating 1 of the best duckers in the sport.

    • Because franchise belt is the super belt.. What Haney has is a non regular belt which he didn’t even fight for and was handed to him.. Why is this a topic of conversation, its basic as it gets.. Lopez is undisputed…

  4. Why should he give Loma a rematch? Lomachenko never, ever gives anyone rematches. If Teofimo had lost to Lomachenko, even if it were a close fight he would have never ever gotten a rematch.

    • I’d love to see a rematch between Lopez and “Loma” so… hopefully…Loma will get knocked
      UNCONSCIOUS….lapses into a COMA…and DIES!!!

  5. This guy is high off his own words the sensible thing to do is give Loma a rematch stop running

    • I hope he gives the almighty “Loma” a rematch….and I hope Lopez puts him in a morgue!!!

  6. He will have hard time with tank all tank got to do is touch you and he will and vas far as him going to 147 he can forget it Earl Terrence Ennis guys like that would eat him alive got a lot of guys at 135 and 140 to deal with

    • God!! You listen to logic and it just goes out the other ear. Like Sr. said, Tank is smoke and mirrors. Fighting Barrios for a regular belt, give me a break! He probably will be exposed by Rolly.

    • Tank hasn’t fought any top 10 boxer in the lightweight division , how is tank going to give him trouble , Teo is the real deal. He fought 3 of the top 10 lightweight in (Loma, Commey, Nakatani and kambosos being the next one . Tank goes up and down from 126 -140 fighting these B-class fighters. Don’t get me wrong tank is special but still hasn’t proved himself with a technical fighter , that’s why Floyd won’t put him up against a lomachenko or a josh Taylor bcuz he knows tank ain’t ready to fight A -class fighters

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