Warrior Dereck Chisora Will Fight On – but is he making a mistake?

British heavyweight warrior Dereck Chisora has decided: he will fight on, he will not call it quits. Despite losing for the ninth time on December 22, when arch rival Dillian Whyte brutally knocked him out in the closing minutes of a punishing battle, Chisora, at age 35, is not giving up yet. His long-time trainer Don Charles spoke with Sky Sports and he confirmed that Chisora fully believes he has still got plenty left to offer at the highest level.

But is Chisora making a mistake in carrying on? Chisora has been in some hellacious wars during his long career, with the likes of Whyte (twice), David Haye, Vitali Klitschko, Robert Helenius and Tyson Fury (also twice). Nine losses would certainly signal the end for many a fighter, but Chisora is made of stern stuff, as we know. But still, how much longer can this rock keep going to the well?

Yes, there are some big (ish) fights out there for Chisora, and some decent money is to be had, but long term health surely counts for a whole lot more. Chisora has a good chin, he is able to soak up a great deal of leather and he has thrilled the paying fans a number of times. But a durable, stubborn fighter who has a less than airtight defence is usually more likely to wind up suffering from health issues in the long run; when all the screaming fans have long since disappeared and a normal life has to be lived.

Has Chisora done enough to be able to walk away with his head held high? Absolutely. Has he made enough money to be able to call it a career? One would hope so. But now, “Del Boy,” or “War Chisora” will be looking for a return fight soon enough, as Charles explained:

“We will repair,” Charles said. “He will repair and he’ll be back, especially now with the inclusion of David Haye, the new regime, the discipline that David has brought into Chisora’s life. If he can build on this, then I think Dereck is a force to be reckoned with, within this current market.”

But how many more chances can Chisora possibly get? Again, how much can the man take? One fighter Chisora will not be facing upon his return but may well lock horns with down the road, is Carlos Takam, who Chisora sensationally KO’d in July to revive his career once more. Charles says it will be someone else for the first fight back, as it’s “not about being macho.”

“Takam has got every right to call us out, but I don’t believe that should be my guy’s next fight, the same way Takam has come back and had a win,” Charles said. “We should be allowed to do such a thing. Who that opponent will be, I don’t know.”

Charles said it will be a team decision, between himself, Chisora and Haye. But here’s an idea: how about Chisora and David Price fighting in the spring, with the loser to retire for good? At the end of the day, it’s Chisora’s choice but there will no doubt be plenty of people wishing he would retire now, while he’s still in good shape.