Vitali Klitschko Gives His Expert Take On Fury Vs. Usyk: “Nobody In The World Can Predict The Outcome Of This Fight”

By James Slater - 03/02/2024 - Comments

Former heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko is of course hoping his countryman Oleksandr Usyk will get the victory over Tyson Fury when the two finally meet in their four-belt unification showdown (now scheduled for May 18 as fans everywhere know). But as Vitali said in speaking with writer Andrew Drury, this fight is one that is very hard to predict.

For every ten fans/experts you find who are picking Usyk to get the win, you will find another 10 who are picking Fury to emerge victorious. Vitali says “nobody is the world can predict the decision of this fight.” Not with 100 percent conviction, they can’t, on this we all do seem to agree. This fight is a genuine clash of styles and personalities, and there are so many intangibles in place.

Vitali, who said Fury needs to live clean as he prepares for the fight – “not so much junk food, no alcohol, no drugs and good prepare for this fight,” Klitschko said – also stated how it is a mistake for anyone to try and say who the winner will be on the night.

“Everybody expect [a] very dramatic interesting fight, but nobody in the world can predict the decision of this fight. It’s [the] heavyweight division, every punch can make a decision,” Vitali said. “And that’s why it will be [the] biggest mistake to say who will be the winner. Yes, of course I keep my fingers crossed for Usyk. I hope Usyk will be the winner in this fight and [he will] bring the WBC belt back to Ukraine. But let’s see.”

52 year old Vitali, who has enjoyed a successful political career since leaving the ring back in 2012, saw up close how Fury was able to bamboozle his brother Wladimir, with Fury taking the crown via upset almost a decade ago. But can Fury outbox and outfox Usyk? This is what we fans have seemingly been asking for the longest time, what with the fight already having been postponed twice.

Hopefully there will be nothing to get in the way of the May 18 date, and the fight will at last come off. If not, if either guy does pull out, a whopping $10 million penalty will have to be paid. But the whole world wants to see this fight, and Vitali is so right when he says this one is so tough to call.

Fury by stoppage? Usyk by stoppage? Usyk on points? Fury on points? Or could we even see a draw!