Video: George Foreman vs Ron Lyle – Classic Fight Recap

There have been many extraordinary slugfests in the long rich history of professional boxing, but few of the magnificent wars that have taken place over the years can match up to the epic clash that took place on January 24, 1976 between former heavyweight champion George Foreman and former title challenger Ron Lyle. The bout was an absolute battle for the ages that had everything a boxing fan could hope for in terms of exceedingly crowd pleasing back and forth action.

For Big George Foreman, this was the first real fight he had since surrendering the heavyweight championship to Muhammad Ali back in October 1974. And for Ron Lyle, this was his second fight since his losing effort against Muhammad Ali in his failed bid for the world title back in May 1975. Lyle had since beaten Earnie Shavers by sixth round stoppage the previous September.

Both fighters had something to prove and this contest was widely viewed as an important crossroads fight for both boxers. It was a fight where most boxing observers were expecting a highly charged slugfest, and that is exactly what they wound up ultimately getting. The highly regarded super-fight between Foreman and Lyle remains one of the most widely celebrated heavyweight wars of all time, and the bout also would receive honors as the 1976 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner is the latest in a new and exciting ongoing series – “Classic Fight Recap” – that will explore some of the greatest bouts in the rich history of professional boxing. This episode focuses on the classic 1976 heavyweight clash between George Foreman and Ron Lyle. Please watch and enjoy the video! And if you happen to have any suggestions for a future edition of “Classic Fight Recap”, please share your suggestions in the comments section. Thank you for your input!