‘Tyson Will Box to Orders’ says Peter Fury

Tyson Fury’s trainer and Uncle, Peter, has promised his fighter will ‘box to orders’ and not allow himself to get unnecessarily careless in Saturday night’s challenge to Wladimir Klitschko, for doing so could well spell disaster for the Brit’s chances of claiming the Ukrainian’s WBA/WBO/IBF heavyweight titles.

Team Fury are well aware of the danger presented by the champion’s disciplined and regimented approach to the game, that while not always easy on the eye, hides ruthless effectiveness and a fearsome 79% KO ratio, and they are determined not to become merely another Klitschko statistic in front of the packed [partisan] crowd in Dusseldorf.

“We’ve got our plans and they’ve got theirs,” Peter said to Sky Sports. “Tyson will have to box to some kind of orders and that’s what he’ll do. He can’t go in there and lose control in a ring with someone like Wladimir. Make no mistake – it can be over in one hit.”

Fury claims that they are also well aware of the ‘jab-and-grab’ techniques employed by the champion – a technique that actually saw him lose a point back in April’s defence against Bryant Jennings – and that they have developed a number of strategies to negate that and utilise their best strengths.

“Everybody has to use whatever tactics they can but it’s going to be difficult for Klitschko to hold someone like Tyson Fury because he’s just as big as him. Bigger even. It’ll be difficult for Klitschko to manhandle him.

“Let’s be honest. To beat Klitschko you have to win convincingly. You’re going over there and he’s the champion so you have to be fairly convincing.

“If it’s close, you’re not going to win it. Tyson has to seize the moment and take this chance with both hands.”

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