Tyson Fury sends message to Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury sent a strong message to Deontay Wilder on Monday in reaction to a message he posted on social media several days ago ahead of their October 9th trilogy match.

The former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) cautioned Fury that he’d be ready because this “Life may depend on it.”

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) will have his WBC heavyweight title on the line when he defends against Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This will be the third and possibly the final fight between Wilder and Fury, depending on the outcome.

If Fury wins, as the oddsmakers are predicting, it’ll close the chapter in their rivalry. It would be Fury’s second consecutive win offer Wilder, and there would be no reason for them to fight again.


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There’s a lot of money to be made for the winner of the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight against the winner of the rematch between IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. Those two are planning on fighting their rematch in February or March next year.

Tickets are going really well. It might be short of a sellout because we put a few thousand tickets aside based on the hope that the Brits would buy those tickets, but because of the U.S policy of a ban on UK travelers, we’re not going to get many Brits at all for the fight” said Fury’s promoter Bob Arum to iFL TV for the fight with Wilder on October 9th.

“It’ll do really well,” Arum continued about the ticket sales for Fury vs. Wilder III. “The casinos have bought up tickets. So while it might not be a sellout, it’s going to be pretty close to a sellout.

“Because the price of tickets tends to be much higher in the United States, the gate will exceed 12 million dollars and might come close to fifteen.

“It is a shame, but governments are governments, and I assume our government knows what it’s doing. I would have preferred for an immediate lifting of the travel ban so we could get Brits over to Las Vegas for October.

“Again, at least it appears to me, everything is moving in the right direction by lifting the ban in November,” said Arum.

Fury stopped Wilder in the seventh round last year in February in their rematch in Las Vegas. A lot has changed since then for Wilder, who has a new coach in Malik Scott, and he’s made many changes to how Deontay fights.

If Wilder can implement the new fighting style against Fury, he could beat him. At the very least, Wilder will make it difficult for Fury to walk him down and impossible his size advantage as he did last year.

19 thoughts on “Tyson Fury sends message to Deontay Wilder”

  1. It’s not funny, you never should have allowed fury to get away with that. The UK boxing board of control has suspended permanently fury’s boxing license. At least they’re honest. And they did it for the same exact thing fury.pulled.off in my country the United States Of America.

  2. I didn’t spend a penny on this Anthony Joshua fight and I won’t on fury Deontay Wilder. Not until they produce real fights. This isn’t WWE.

  3. This Oleksandr Usyk put a big wrench in the plans of these story telling conjurors. The so called selected and developed champions like fury.and Anthony Joshua aren’t that good. They have to be protected by avoiding good fighters like Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz and never fighting them or even publicly promoting them for the true champions that they are. And if they’re forced to fight them they sanctioned padding repositioning advantage steroid use and spiked water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching and eggweight loaded gloves, crooked referee and judge’s.

  4. These corporate executive types have calcified pineal glands, they can only use ten percent of their brains and only the left side. They are savage beastly animals capable of killing and warlike actions. They can’t experience superior mental health..

  5. We don’t like being manipulated by fairy tale like stories. Everyone wants to see Deontay Wilder slay the evil ogre, a heroic figure fighting for truth, justice and the American Way of equality.fighting against oppression and tyranny.
    I would rather watch a fair and square boxing match, for once in my life. Until then, they will not get my time and money except to curse them publicly.

  6. Who knows, those guys are pretty sneaky but if you held a gun to Eddie Hearn’s head, I would say it’s Oleksandr Usyk and fury because no one cares if Deontay Wilder gets poisoned and disfigured with metal loaded gloves. Then there would be a fight with two great white hope’s. The criminals couldn’t lose. Besides Deontay Wilder heals fast from head trauma, all darkies do.

    • Anonymous posters who use the term “darkies” definitely do NOT take punches of any kind well.

      Which is why they stay in the dark………. and post anonymously

  7. Your boycott, may be somewhat contagious, I quit buying pay per view too. I don’t think it hurts the big network’s that make their money off of gambling on the fixed fights. I too noticed that I had more money and free time while the internet is almost as fast.

  8. We got some retarded Wilder fans commenting in here. Hopefully he will go away for good after the Gypsy Queen laid him out.

  9. See, I am a white male. We do what ever we want and never are held accountable. I could kill someone on fifth avenue in new York and get away with it just like president Donald John Trump.
    See how Tyson cheated? Not even an investigation, everyone knows what happened. We voted him fighter of the year and he didn’t even fight one fight all year. We do whatever we want and what are you going to do about it?
    Why do you think fury’s so confident? He doesn’t even have to train.

    • I used to go to Las Vegas all the time, I would stay at all the different hotels. Ever since the first Deontay Wilder vs fury fight, I have not been there once and I don’t even pay for it on television waiting for the results from the internet. And I don’t even missing, got plenty of money and stay well rested. Thank you for being so corrupt.

    • You have got to be the most ignorant and deranged man on the face of this earth it’s white people like you that make the rest of us look so bad I can almost garuntee that your family tree goes straight up no branching out what so ever

  10. The masses of the establishment have been bias against Deontay Wilder as a whole. Given the fact that they communitivly own the lion share of the capital in our society, we will assume they are of at least average intelligence. How and why in the hell would they go against everything godlike and what America stands for and back an overt obvious simple minded criminal like fury?
    May you all be damned to hell.

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