Tyson Fury Sends Dillian Whyte A Message: “Where Are You Hiding, ‘White Feathers!’”

02/01/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Some fight fans think it’s more than a little strange how silent Dillian Whyte has been these past few days; this at a time when he is set for the biggest fight of his life – his first world title shot, against reigning and defending WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. We all know Frank Warren won the purse bids battle last Friday, and we have read how the fight has been pencilled in for April, perhaps at The Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Yet we have heard nothing – zilch – from Whyte. Whyte should be the happiest man in boxing right now, his big chance so close. Yet the deafening silence from Whyte has got people talking.; with some fans and various online videos and articles asking if Whyte will actually go through with the fight? Why Whyte would not do so depends on which speculative theory you listen to.

But Fury is angry at the way Whyte has gone silent, and today he put out a short video in which he lays into his upcoming challenger.

“This is a message for Dillian Whyte,” Fury bellows at the camera in the video as he runs on a treadmill. “White Feathers, coward – where are you White Feathers! You wanted your world title shot with Wilder for three years, you never got it. You was mandatory for me for three minutes and you got your fight, didn’t you, coward? ‘Tyson Fury’s a coward, he doesn’t wanna fight Dillian Whyte!’ But all of a sudden you are on your toes and you’ve gone silent, you little bitch! Come out, come out of hiding, White Feathers! Come and get it, you’re getting a good hiding. You wanted a bit of free money, didn’t you, dosser? But now you’re getting $8 million, which is $7-and-a-half too much for you, you old dosser. Come out and say something, bum!”

Let’s see if Whyte responds. If not, those conspiracy theories will grow and grow. What do YOU think – will this fight happen or not?