Deontay Wilder reveals new ring-walk costume for Tyson Fury trilogy

Deontay Wilder is risking fate by choosing to wear another wild ring-walk costume for his fight this Saturday night against Tyson Fury at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Like the last time Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) fought Fury, he’s got another odd predator type of costume that looks a tad bit bulky with lasers mounted on the crown.

It’s unclear whether the lasers can temporarily blind anyone that looks directly into them. If so, it would be a bad idea for the former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder to point them at anyone in the audience.

The last time Wilder fought Fury in 2020, he complained of his legs being weakened by the heavy 50+lb ring-walk costume that he wore. That is one of the things Wilder complained about afterward on why he was beaten by Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs).

With the awful experience, Wilder had last time he fought Fury, you would think that he would have given up on ring-walk costumes good, but apparently, he still wants to wear them.

“He’s making a heck of a lot of money, and he’s getting a chance to win his previous WBC belt back,” said Tyson Fury when asked by Fight Disciples if he’s surprised Deontay Wilder is coming back for the third fight.

“He let himself down with all the bull s*** that he’s come out with,” Fury said about Wilder’s excuses. “It’s no secret what I’m going to do. I’m going to go out there and blitz him,” said Fury on what he intends on doing on Saturday night when he shared the ring with Deontay.

Fury isn’t kidding about him intending to go straight at Wilder looking to knock him out on Saturday night. He gave away the game plan the last time he challenged Wilder, and he’s not afraid to let him know precisely what he plans on doing in the trilogy match.

We don’t know whether Wilder’s new coach Malik Scott has adequately prepared him for the aggressive style that Fury will be using.

We’ve seen the movement that Wilder has shown working out with Scott, but we don’t know whether he’ll be able to utilize that in the fight.

Fury is excellent at cutting off the ring, so Wilder will need to have a plan for if he’s trapped and forced to fight at close range. He did a poor job against Fury last time, showing very little inside fighting ability.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

Fury will likely destroy Wilder quickly if he can get in close and batter him with shots like last time.

There’s nothing going to stop me on the night,” said Fury. “The only thing that’s going to stop me is getting the spark knocked out.

“Apart from that, I’m going to annihilate him, and that’s all I’m thinking about,” said Fury about his intention to destroy Wilder.

“I’m just going to set about him from round one, and I’m not going to stop. The only thing he’s got to stop me is a knockout punch,” said Fury.

If Wilder had an inside game, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem for Fury to be getting in close. Unfortunately, he cannot fight on the inside, and Fury knows that all too well.

That’s why if Wilder’s legs give out on him, he’s going to be trapped and forced to fight Fury.

“We all know I can get up from his punches because I’ve done it twice before,” said Fury. “So he doesn’t have anything I’m scared of. No one can beat me but myself.

“I’m injury-free, and I’m looking forward to getting wound up on the night and set free,” said Fury.



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  1. What the hell is wrong with this because it’s not want to take my comments icing Wilder last night on YouTube he was bringing up the past past history and was being really hateful and angry about it if anybody needs a drug screen it’s Wilder because he was acting Wilder has opposed to Siri getting a drug screen because somebody said if he was high

  2. Fury is a proud ass hole… The Bible says proud goes before a fall . Wilder is gonna beat him this time around mark my words

  3. If fury come out n fight wilder instead of being a bully wilder will beat his ass all over the ring the last fight fury threw several punches behind wilder head he got away with to much illegal stuff I hope fury get tested for drugs because he be high as hell

  4. But fury didnt have belts in 2016′ its ok’ cause wilder’ knocked him down twice in thier 1st meeting” the called a draw’ true he lost the 2nd time” but this time no mercy’ to much power and fame’ can destroy anyone’ i dont think fury can handle all the fame’ thats why he going down this time”no mercy!!!

  5. I saw the same story yesterday! ESPN ran it despite being a 5 year old story. That network is run by a bunch of morons!

  6. I would love to watch the fight but I’ll be camping. And another thing is the pov price is getting insane. What happened to the $49.99 days? $79.99 is too high. 250k ppv buys @ 79.99 = #20 million. 500k ppv buys@49.99 = $ 25 million. Let more people watch. Gain more boxing fans gain more money

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