Tyson Fury Prepared To “Crack Wilder’s Skull Again,” Calls Wilder A “Reptile”

Will we actually see a third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, and if so, will we see it next? Fury is angry right now, angry that the judge ruled in Wilder’s favour with regards to whether or not the former WBC heavyweight champ is entitled to a third fight with Fury, and angry that Wilder has supposedly asked for a whopping, great $20 million in step aside money to allow Fury to fight Anthony Joshua next as planned.

Fury has called Wilder a “joke” for asking for so much money, and Fury has referred to Wilder as a “reptile.” Also, Fury posted a list of Wilder’s excuses for the loss to him in their February 2020 rematch:

“No excuses….but: Costume was too heavy. Fury’s gloves were loaded. I had weak legs. My water was spiked. Fury’s gloves had no padding. Had bicep surgery. I was a zombie. Disloyal trainer. Complications in camp. I had an autopsy. I broke my arm. Fight stopped too early. Andre Dirrell’s fault. Ref did a shit job. Snakes in the grass. Dent in my head. Egg weight in glove. Fury was covered in oil. Ricky Hatton pulled glove down. I injured my bicep. I broke my hand. Fury’s fist wasn’t in the glove. Fury took PEDs. Fury did voodoo magic.”

It really is a long list of excuses, and Wilder has indeed used them all. So what are we to believe now – does Wilder crave a shot at redemption, or does he want $20 million in step aside money? Who can know for sure. But Top Rank’s reservation of The Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for July 24th shows you how they are not taking any chances; Fury-Wilder III could it seems take place in as little as a couple of months from now. Maybe. Fury has tweeted how he will “have to crack his skull again.”

Wilder as we know all but vanished for a number of months, with plenty of us wondering if he would even fight again. Now, courtesy of that court ruling, Wilder is back as a major player in the heavyweight division. Who wins Fury-Wilder III? That’s a question not too many people felt would have to be asked.

4 thoughts on “Tyson Fury Prepared To “Crack Wilder’s Skull Again,” Calls Wilder A “Reptile””

  1. What a snake Wilder is. No respect for him. Let Fury fight Joshua and unify the belts . I can guarantee Wilder will either take money or get injured as the July fight gets closer. His strategy is to wait out Fury and hope he gets rusty again then fight him. It’s his only hope of beating him. Absolutely disgraceful. Boxing was just starting to get good again . Fury should have fought Joshua and Wilder should have fought Ruiz.

  2. Funny thing is how quickly he tried to move on from the 3 Rd fight I see Wilder knocking Fury out in the 8 the round with new trainer he looking better than he ever did I think this will be a different Wilder and will retire Queen Fury

  3. If there is a Fury/ Wilder III I see it going the distance and Fury winning a comfortable decision. Wilder will stay away and try for his one punch shot but Fury will be too smooth and will counter.

  4. All bs. He gonna negotiate for the most amount bob will give up. He don’t want no smoke vs furry for a third time. All talk to get the most amount of money for doing nothing.

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