Tyson Fury predicts sellout in 1 day for Derek Chisora trilogy on December 3rd

By Michael Collins - 10/21/2022 - Comments

Tyson Fury believes that his fight against 38-year-old Derek Chisora will sell out in one day on December 3rd in their BT Sport pay-per-view fight at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London, England.

Both Fury & Chisora seemed very, very defensive on Thursday when being questioned about their fight. They both seemed on edge from the criticism that they were seeing.

Fury even went on a long rant about how the fight with Chisora would benefit the British economy.

So confident Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and his promoters are that the fight will interest British fans, they’ve booked the 62,850-seat Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, believing that the fans will come in big numbers to see Tyson fight the journeyman Chisora, who has lost 12 fights and has a dreadful 1-3 record in his last four fights.

For the Fury-Chisora fight to sell out in one day, fans are going to need to be excited about the fight, and it didn’t look that way today.

On social media, fans were dumping all over the fight, shocked at Fury fighting such a low-level opponent, and many of them saying they won’t purchase it on PPV or come see the fight at Tottenham Hotspurs stadium. What many of them were saying is they’d stream it illegally without paying.

“That wills sell out in one day,” said Tyson Fury during Thursday’s press conference, predicting his trilogy fight with Derek Chisora will sell out in one day for Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London.

“I picked Derek Chisora after all this rubbish. I tried to do the Usyk job, but they wanted no smoke until next year,” said Fury to talkSPORT Boxing. “I tried with the second-best Joshua, and he doesn’t want any smoke in a million years.

“Wilder was fighting Helenius after a year off, and I just destroyed him. So I was thinking, ‘Who am I going to fight who people know who is going to give a good fight and a good account of himself? I can only think of Derek Chisora.

“We have a history and a couple of good fights. Of course, he can. This is heavyweight boxing, and you only need one punch in the face, and it’s all over,” said Fury when asked if Chisora could bring anything different after losing twice previously to him.

“I would never underestimate someone like Derek Chisora. He has some good wins on his record as well. I’m not sure you saw the Chisora vs. Usyk fight. It doesn’t matter. Usyk just beat Joshua. I’m not so sure.

“You can’t underestimate any heavyweight,” said Fury when told that Chisora can’t do to him what he did in his competitive fight with Usyk two years ago in 2020.

“No, I don’t think so. He’s too hard to work with,” said Fury when asked if he thinks he’ll ever fight Joshua.

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