Tyson Fury Pleads With President Biden: “Let My Army Of Fans Travel To Vegas!”

10/04/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Tyson Fury is pleading with President Biden to allow his “army of fans” to travel to Las Vegas this weekend so they can be there for his “massive trilogy fight” with Deontay Wilder. Currently, due to the coronavirus, U.S travel laws remain in place that still prohibit British citizens from flying directly to America. These laws are reportedly set to be relaxed soon – but not in time for this Saturday’s fight.

Fury, who states how British fans add enormously to the economy when they travel for a big fight, spending cash mostly on beer, says it’s “crazy” that a fight of this magnitude will happen with zero British fans in attendance.

“I’ve still got my fingers crossed that at the last minute President Biden will open the borders to my supporters,” Fury said in an official statement. “I’ve been putting the pressure on for the Brits to be allowed to invade Las Vegas again and make it like my second fight with Wilder. This trilogy fight is huge. The first in the heavyweights since Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, with only Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier before that in modern times. To hold one of the biggest sporting events of recent years without the Brits here is crazy. When we English go places we do take over. We do drink a lot. We’re wild and rowdy, screaming and shouting a lot. Lager flying everywhere. And our fight crowds spend plenty of money.”

It will be interesting to see how those fans that are in attendance react on Saturday night, if the lion’s share of the cheers are for Fury or for Wilder. With almost no British people to speak of inside The T-Mobile Arena, it could prove to be a pro-Wilder crowd. This, though, would almost certainly not faze Fury. It is a big fight on Saturday, even if the Fury-Wilder rivalry does not deserve to be ranked with either Ali-Frazier or Bowe-Holyfield. The second fight was far too one-sided for that.

Most people think Fury will get the big win on Saturday. With or without any British fans cheering him on. Still, in terms of sheer atmosphere it would be great if Biden did do what Fury is asking for and allow British fans to travel.