‘Tyson Fury doesn’t look ready’ – says Eddie Hearn

Matchroom Sport promoter Eddie Hearn says Tyson Fury doesn’t look ready for his October 9th trilogy match against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

Hearn still believes Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) should win the fight comfortably, but the fact that he doesn’t look ready means there’s a chance he could get caught by one of Deontay’s big shots and knocked over.

Fury looks older and not as bulked out as a year and a half ago when he dethroned WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) by a seventh round knockout.

It’s possible Fury slacked off a little too much during the last year and a half, which has prevented him from adding the muscle that he had in the second Wilder fight.

The look of age on Fury’s face and physique is worrisome. When you age that rapidly in a short period, it’s a red flag that you’re running out of time.

Hearn says Fury doesn’t look ready for Wilder

“Tyson Fury doesn’t look ready, in my opinion,” said Eddie Hearn to Boxing Social about his fight with Deontay Wilder.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

“I still think he’ll win comfortably, but it does throw in the likelihood of a mistake happening. If you make a mistake against Deontay Wilder, it could cost you the fight. He’s very dangerous.

“I don’t see him [Fury] losing a round, but it doesn’t really matter. One mistake, and it can be over.

“I generally hope he wins because I want the WBC to order the mandatory of Fury – Whyte,” Hearn said.

Hearn is likely comparing how Fury looks in this training camp to how he looked in his last fight. Fury doesn’t look like he’s been driving the iron hard like in his previous fight.

He weighed 273 lbs for the rematch with Wilder, and he used that weight effectively to rough up Wilder. Right now, Fury looks like a soft 250+ lbs and not dangerous.

Zero buzz for Fury vs. Wilder 3 claims Hearn

“Look at Fury-Wilder; they’re giving away tickets. They’re reducing prices, and that’s one of the biggest fights out there, really.

“For the rematch, what about this time around?” Said Hearn when told that Fury vs. Wilder 2 sold $20 million in tickets.

“It won’t do a five million dollar gate. Because mainly there are no Brits traveling. So in America, that fight [Fury – Wilder III] is not a big fight. In America? Somewhere between two and three hundred thousand,” said Hearn when asked how many PPV buys that Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight brings in.

“There’s zero buzz [for the Fury – Wilder fight]. I’m not just saying that.

“There’s zero buzz for that fight because he [Fury] absolutely destroyed him [Wilder] in the second fight. And he beat him in the first fight as well.

“The second fight looked like a mismatch. I just don’t see it doing the numbers.

“Someone is going to have egg on their face. I don’t know what the deal is, but it ain’t going to look pretty when the balance sheet hits,” said Hearn.

Fury vs. Wilder 3 probably will do good numbers both at the game and on PPV. It didn’t help that Wilder was totally dominated by Fury last year, but that may not matter.

If they can promote the fight in the last week weeks before October 9th, it should do well.

Joshua on another level than Fury

“He’s on such a bigger level commercially than Tyson Fury, even now,” said Hearn about his belief that Anthony Joshua is still a bigger name than Fury despite losing to Oleksandr Usyk last Saturday.

“He’s by far the biggest draw in heavyweight boxing, especially in the UK. To be fair, even Tyson Fury and his team know that.

“If he [Joshua] beats Usyk, he’s on another level, and he’s coming off the back of another defeat.

“He’s still by far the biggest draw in the division. You saw it last Saturday. Look at the pictures. See any of the other guys trying to draw and create images like that in the UK. It’s impossible,” said Hearn.

It’s doubtful that Fury would argue against Joshua is the most famous fighter in the UK. He sells out football stadiums, and that’s something Fury doesn’t do.

Fury fights mainly in the U.S now. It would be interesting if Fury fought one of his opponents at the Wembley Stadium of the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium to see how many tickets he can sell.

100 thoughts on “‘Tyson Fury doesn’t look ready’ – says Eddie Hearn”

  1. Oleksandr Usyk claims to be able to beat Anthony Joshua once again. I don’t know about you but I for one am looking forward to a unification bout. And this appears to be between Deontay Wilder and Oleksandr Usyk.

  2. Oleksandr Usyk is a really well developed personally. Or at least it seems that way. He said Deontay Wilder will knock out fury.

  3. You’ll see fury’s alleged newfound power was a result of an eggweight in the left glove and horse hair padding repositioning. These overt, proven, documented, elemental factors are overt violations of the Queensbury rules of boxing and should be prosecuted in the United States Of America as they have in the UK by the British boxing board of control.

  4. Rich,
    Every time a black fighter loses he complains about racism? Is that what you mean?
    Or are you just joking?
    Just watch the October 9 fight
    1. The gloves will be checked, no floppy gloves.
    2. The bare knuckle right hand will be checked too.
    We will see fury with regulation gloves.

  5. Everett,
    Thanks for responding, Deontay Wilder has knocked out all the boxers he has fought. Now you’ll what would really happen to fury without loaded gloves.
    Don’t hand me any more excuses just sign the contract and Deontay Wilder will have to prove what I say.
    Deontay Wilder fights every 6 months, that’s plenty of time for all of your selected fighters to meet him.
    As far as the.old timers , They fall short, you will see, put up or shut up.
    Lennox Lewis Ali foreman Frazier Liston and Klitschko all are limited and constrained by deficiencies they were great in their time.
    Oleksandr Usyk is the same size as big George Foreman. And he is a real baddass, he falls easily to Deontay Wilder.
    People don’t appreciate what they got till it’s gone. These guy are just phenomenal now days.
    I agree teenagers are annoying, I’m not one of them.

  6. We shall see. Off hand it looks like fury tried to pull.a fast one, now the truth will be revealed that Deontay Wilder was and is the best heavyweight in the division.

  7. Uncle Sam,
    What you say is true we let this happen again. As soon as we reposed there were several retaliatory guerilla counter measure’s. Now we are mobilized and realize our mistakes, trusting the wrong people.
    You don’t know who we are, but you do know you are being attacked ever increasingly in the court of public opinion and mostly through fiscal policy and means. Deontay Wilder payback will be visual confirmational evidence to that effect.

  8. Deontay Wilder is capable of cleaning out the heavyweight division and the bridger weight division and the cruiser weight division all in one year.

  9. Measure the legends in comparison to their peer of their era.
    Today’s top champion contenders would mop the floor with all the past legends.
    Deontay Wilder will mop the floor with all the top heavyweight champion contenders of this era. Starting with fury.
    Deontay Wilder will make it look easy.

    • Are you an idiot? A prime Lennox or even the Klitchko brothers would wipe the floor with the top fighters today. A prime Tyson would have beaten them to the body they would have pissed their boxing trunks the way Biggs did. Let’s not even talk about George, Muhammad or Larry. Tyson Fury is a slob and Wilder is a statue that telegraphs every punch. You teenager boys need to learn real boxing until then shut up.

    • Everett,
      I learned, ” real boxing”, the hard way, The second time I put gloves on was as a sparring partner in a professional boxing gym. When you are getting beat up on, you learn real fast. With in two months I was leaving some else’s blood in the ring too. Ha ha I was set up for a pro fight for 500 dollars, these promoter’s are ruthless.

  10. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.
    Even though they weren’t heavyweights, is he better than Henry Armstrong ? Better than Ray Robinson?
    Floyd Mayweather?

    • No, I’m not drunk. Don’t believe the stuff you hear, watch and decide for yourself. I knew Anthony Joshua needed better coaching, that guy can and has really improved,. what a genetic specimen.
      Watch Deontay Wilder in this next fight, Deontay Wilder can really box. He is very quick reflexes and power in both hands, fluidity in combinations and he is still learning fast.
      It’s okay to disagree with me, but honestly evaluate the material.

  11. Utube channel boxing experts use Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua as an example of how they think old time greats would have faired in today’s boxing. Stating skill, heart, chin, and determination would prevail over modern training and nutrition and recuperating technical advancement.
    We put the legendary greats on a pedestal, forgetting their era invented dirty deals.

  12. Somebody call Harold letterman, Laila Ali, hector Camacho Jr, Roy Jones mike Tyson, ray Mancini and many more equally as knowledgeable boxing experts and ask them why in the hell they inducted Deontay Wilder into the Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of fame. It seems there’s a few critics in this page that want to second guess by implying that Deontay Wilder has limited credibility.

  13. You European fighters fighting out of match room boxing just like fighting each other. Round and round we go and the moment your fighter fights out of your group he loses because your fighters are not the best. American, Ukrainian, cuban, Mexican and the same happened with fury . So he had to cheat.and now you’re all playing dumb and don’t want to see Deontay Wilder win. It’s just a boxing match after all.

    • Specifically I am speaking of Deontay Wilder. He challenge’s all comers just like Mike Tyson did. So quit making excuses and sign the contract and Deontay Wilder will prove what I say.

  14. I guess it’s the same with death, be calm, relax and do what you practiced.in.camp.and death will come.

  15. Waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa all we hear is crying and excuses after another excuse, ” I can’t fight Deontay Wilder because he called me a cheater waaaaaa waaaaaa,” ” Deontay Wilder said the word expression gyp came from gypsy waaaaaa waaaaaa I won’t ever fight him because he disrespected the great gypsy nation,” the contractual obligations within the option clause agreements have expired, and I will be moving on waaaaaa waaaaaa,” ” waaaaaa waaaaaa I caught covit waaaaaa waaaaaa.”

    • Pretty sure the world realizes that wilder was the crybaby. My suit was too heavy, then, I wasn’t myself in the fight, then my trainer was against me, then tyson fury cheated! Tyson is the better boxer.

    • Everyone knows that the proof is in the pudding, in other words, only time.will.tell. Myself, I m trying to be civil. Tyson always gets caught cheating. And cries about it. And runs away while crying.
      While Deontay Wilder, conversely is consistently the picture of maturity and composure.
      Deontay Wilder calm and collected, fury cries like me a little girl.

  16. The United States Of America throws more people in prison than all the other countries combined. I’ve put a curse on you. A single action towards hurting others will.result in immediate punishment and ask your self daily, ” why am I so tired , why has my luck changed daily?” “every day I notice bad luck coming my way.”
    You brought this on your own self

    • Mr. Everybody,
      But you can figure out how boxing gloves flop around all over the place and all of a sudden you are a deaf mute.

    • You put a curse on who? You let refugees rape your women and children and none of you has the stones to do anything about it. You’ve dragged us into 2 world wars killing over 100 million people. You’re cursing me? You already have with your past.

  17. You have shamed your own country who banned you from ever boxing in their hemisphere by the British boxing board of control and came to my country only to do the same thing again and again and again. You should be stripped of the undeserved belt fined and imprisoned for attempted murder.

  18. And by standing on your own two feet, I mean the same two feet you used to run from Deontay Wilder for years running and running and crying waaaa waaaa mommy mommy me no wanna fight Deontay Wilder, waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa.

    • I am covertly making reference to the cry baby whos father John lives in the UK and comes on utube channels and lies about everything again and again and again all while wearing so much makeup that he can hardly pronounce the words that are coming out of his mouth pronunciated and enunciated with the forked tongue that runs in the family, running and running and crying and mascara running all over the place.

  19. Snakes on a plane. Wasn’t there a movie called 🐍 snakes on a plane? Either pay110,000,000.00 dollars and hang up your gloves for good. Or jump on a plane you snake and quit running from Deontay Wilder like a cockroach running and stand up on your own two feet.

  20. Is there any truth to the rumor that 80 million pounds is what the judge ordered whatchamacallit to pay if he doesn’t fight Deontay Wilder in the trilogy? And Usan Bolt took off running again and again. He ran and ran for years . Jesus, that’s some fighter, no wonder he is in such great shape. It from running from Deontay Wilder.

  21. A forked tongue is what a snake has in it’s ugly looking mouth that speaks with a forked tongue.
    Whatchmadigger must be in good shape running from Deontay Wilder all over the world. Run cockroach run from Deontay Wilder.

  22. Isn’t Deontay Wilder smaller than whatshisface? Is it true that Deontay Wilder had to run that cockroach down chasing the bald headed guy all over the world forcing whatchamacallit into honoring a contract that was composed of words from a forked tongue?

  23. Why does he have to fight Deontay Wilder. I told him to chunk the belt in the bin. Come back to the UK and fight Anthony Joshua. But who am I?

  24. Deontay Wilder can and will out box the other guy whatchamacallit, the bald headed guy without hair, you know what’s his name.

  25. Eddie Hearn wanted fury to fight anybody else but Deontay Wilder. Deontay Wilder is so much better than Joe Lewis Marciano Dempsey and even Mohamed Ali.

    • You must be looking in the mirror when you put your own self down that way.
      Your great boxer, fury, is going to be outboxed and then you would still have nother attempted insulting remark. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. All of you guys are biased and led by tube channels suggestions.after this October 9 tell me what you think about Deontay Wilders legacy.

    • Wilder has poweri will give him that, but he is a below average boxer with horrible footwork his name doesn’t belong in the same sentence as any of those fighters you mentioned. You are just showing your ignorance.

    • Roberto,
      Thanks for your comment about Deontay Wilder and his comparisons to the legendary greats.
      Yeah, I am ignorant, but no more than any other and less than most. Deontay Wilder is an active pro, his legacy has not yet been fulfilled. Do you remember how Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson were savagely attacked during their careers? Now it was Deontay Wilders turn. Soon, after Deontay Wilder is old and grey all will love Deontay Wilder too. They will know that Deontay Wilder got robbed because of Video evidence. Unlike Jack Johnson this has been documented. Our grandkids will say Jesus grandpa sure was gullible.

    • No tomatoe cans. Sign the contract and Deontay Wilder will fight them. Excuses after another one is all we hear, Year after year. All comers, just like Mike Tyson used to do it.

  26. Two years in the making of the trilogy and we still haven’t seen fury defend the WBC belt. It’s not been stripped from him yet. It’s supposed to be defended every year at least or be stripped from the belt holder.

    • Rich,
      A brown paper bag?
      Now down peasant. You are slandering boxing royalty, and since you are putting it in writing, it’s now liable.

  27. Every time a black fighter gets his butt whooped,they cry cheating,must be some good weed being smoked,Wilder cant fight his way out of a paper bag,until Fury,he fought only bumps like himself,got his butt handed to him when he faced a real boxer!

    • I’m black & I agree, Tyson Fury is one of the greatest Heavyweights at this time in history! I think Fury should destroy & retire Wilder, take on Joshua & do the same, then hang up the glove’s (much respect).

    • We are in agreement then Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving with out question. An Deontay Wilder could not punch through a brown paper bag what he would be doing in a brown paper bag I have no idea.

    • Black Benny Brick,
      You don’t have to pander to these guys, we all know his a phony. Deontay Wilder is a Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of fame inductee with 10 consecutive title defenses in 5 years. A living legend. Deontay Wilder has to be cheated to be beat.
      And man did fury cheat , that bald headed Shrek look a like ogre pulled out all of the stops on this one. He did all of the exact thing that got his belts stripped and license suspended in the UK by the British boxing board of control , suspended permanently. And he got rewarded for messing over a earlier. And you are going along with that?

  28. Every time a black fighter gets his butt whooped,they cry cheating,Wilder couldn’t box his way out of a paper bag,that’s just fact,face it!

    • We are in agreement, you are absolutely correct. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving with out question. And we also agree Deontay Wilder was cheated with loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage steroid use the spiked water and crooked referee and judge’s decisions being pay off.

    • Every time a black fighter loses he complains about racism hey?
      What about when Deontay Wilder flattened fury twice in the first fight? Still to this day all we hear coming from the fury’s is fury won both fights which is blasfemous. Deontay Wilder got robbed in both cases. And that fury is being discriminated against because he is a gypsy. In America, we don’t even know what a Gypsy is , we saw the movie,” thinner”, and it seems gypsy’s are dark because he cursed the”, white man From town.”
      The big baldheaded guy looks white, so he isn’t a gypsy.

  29. Tyson Fury will lose to Deontay Wilder provided the referee doesn’t allow Fury to cheat. Fury’s gloves should be checked and he should have points deducted for holding. Need I mention obvious steroid use? The real Tyson, that is Mike Tyson would have flattened Tyson Fury in the early rounds.

  30. Eddie Hearn said Deontay Wilder was the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. What does Eddie Hearn know about boxing if he really believes that.

  31. Trav-man,
    Are you saying that Deontay Wilder wasn’t cheated?
    Deontay Wilder was robbed in the first one and in the second one as well.

    • Yes! Fury layed flat out on his back for 5-7 seconds with his eyes rolling around in his head!!! The referee should have waved his hands ending a knockout!!!

  32. In the second fight , fury took cheating to a whole.nother level only making Deontay Wilder angry. Now fury has to pay the piper.

  33. After cheating in the second fight so overtly, fury has cut back on steroids according to Eddie Hearn .we don’t believe that simply because all Eddie Hearn does is to not tell the truth. Steroids all the way as usual.

  34. Hearn’s reports that Deontay Wilder won the first fight, but it was a draw. Deontay Wilder got robbed. That’s when Ricky hatten pulled down fury’s left glove.

  35. Fury probably looks a whole lot more ready than Hearns’ charge did. On another note: what is it with all these front-running divas that lose to underdogs and get immediate rematches? Joshua- Ruiz, Kownacki-Helenius, Whyte- Povetkin and now again Joshua-Usyk. Do underdogs have to always prove themselves twice to the favorites’ once?

  36. Deontay Wilder is so damn good that it’s intimidating to the inferior UK champions. We commend fury for accepting Deontay Wilders offer to resurrect a shattered life and career pulling fury , benevolently, from the brink of suicide and giving this fellow a reason to live.

  37. Moron, Fury dominated Wilder in both fights. Look at Wilders percentages and total number of punches landed.. he got schooled, he’s a hack of a boxer. Entertaining and has a great chin, but he’s a terrible boxer. Couldn’t even knockout Charlie Zelenoff lol and he was trying to hit him on the ground. Wilders a bum dosser as Fury would say and WILL get destroyed again.

    • Need to rethink that guy! When you can only win fighting dirty and still look like a amature (fury) luck runs out quickly with a swelled head! Fury will visit the mat again like fight #1 and they will not give it to him AGAIN !

  38. Dave,
    Thai and headed guy that kept on getting up and getting up after Deontay Wilder kept knocking him down and knocking him down over and over and over again you know, whatchamacallit. If that guy wasn’t knocked out, he should be fired for sleeping on the job.
    His job is to fight, not take naps all day long.

  39. In the first fight Deontay Wilder flattened the other guy, whatchamacallit? You know whatchmadigger , the bald headed guy without hair? Yeah , him Deontay Wilder flattened him twice, pow, on to the canvas, then wham, again. That other guy spend more time on the canvas than standing.

  40. Fury got knocked out in the first fight against Wilder! He whooped Wilder soundly in the second fight! Fury knows he lost that first fight he was given a gift by Bayless and the powers that be. Fury is a Great fighter for sure but he’s going to get that ass whooped on Oct.9 maybe Fury n Joshua can have a slap fight on late night TV.

    • Fury wasn’t knocked out. He looked bad lying down, but got up within the count. That argument is just silly.

      Fury could lose to Wilder in #3. I saw #2 end with that knockdown punch to the ear in round 3. Even gave round 2 in that fight to Wilder but his legs were gone after that knockdown like Joshua at the end of round 3 in his first fight with Ruiz.

      If not for the effects of that punch, who knows how Fury Wilder 2 would have ended? All these BS excuse, conspiracy theories and nonsense from guys life Hearn are trying to build drama and push ticket sales.

    • How was he knocked out when he got up in less than 10 seconds? Are you blind? Slow? Both? Those knockdowns don’t make up for landing around 15% of your total punches. Wilders a bum

  41. Just by postponing the trilogy, fury cheated, we can’t wait for new cheating tactics to be unveiled. Do ya think crooked old Kenny Bayless will be there?
    Do ya think Kenny Bayless knew there was an egg weight in the left glove? Do you think that Kenny bayless knew there was no padding in the knuckle area of the right glove?
    Did Kenny Bayless see the 30 rabbit punches?
    The neck wrenching and holding while working the body?
    Do you think Kenny bayless is visually impaired? Is Kenny Bayless able to speak? Then why didn’t Kenny Bayless say anything?

  42. Physical conditioning looks better than two months ago, fury benefited from the fight delay. He had a lot of fat on his kidney area. Now you can see an improvement.

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