Tyson Fury cannot get a break! Third fight in a row off

As fight fans have most probably read by now, this Saturday’s WBO heavyweight title eliminator between British heavyweights Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora is off, as Chisora suffered a fractured hand in his final day of sparring. This is bad news for all concerned, but it is especially unimaginably frustrating news for Fury and his whole team.

As Fury himself or the fans didn’t need reminding, this fight being off marks the THIRD time in a row the unbeaten giant has worked his ass off in training camp only with absolutely nothing to show for it. Twice Fury set up camp for a clash with David Haye, only for Haye to get himself injured ahead of both dates. Now, with a long training camp under his belt and a number of press conferences and other media duties fulfilled, Fury is sure to be, well, furious at his rematch with Chisora falling apart. What must be so annoying for Fury is the fact that all three of his scheduled bouts fell apart so close to the actual day of the fight.

As with Haye, who got cut with just days to go before the first date set for his anticipated rumble with Fury, Chisora has injured himself on the week of the fight. Shouldn’t all the heavy sparring have been done by now, some fans may well ask? As for Fury himself, it might not be too much of a stretch for him to begin to believe that his potential rivals – those in Britain anyway – are actually scared to face him!

Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure: October 29 1938 – August 7 2020

How many months of his promising and exciting career has Fury seen go down the drain now, totally wasted? The past 12-months have certainly been a horrible 12-months for Tyson Fury! Get ready for some understandably venous comments from Tyson’s Twitter page!

A new date is reportedly being worked on, but this will come as no real consolation to Fury.