Tyson Fury Already Back In The Gym, Training For Spring Rematch With Deontay Wilder

It seems there will be no repeat of what happened to Tyson Fury after his last big, big fight. As fans know, it wasn’t too long after his superb win over Wladimir Klitschko to become world heavyweight champ that things went bad for Fury. Fury suffered from severe depression, he gained a lot of weight, hit the bottle (and other things) and he was in a generally bad place.

Not so now. Fury, fully recovered, his demons banished, is already back in the gym training; this less than a week after his thrilling battle with Deontay Wilder. Fury has not celebrated the win (officially a draw but in every which way a moral win for Fury) and he is not allowing any excess weight to accumulate this time round. With Wilder getting the approval of the WBC to skip his mandatory, Dominic Breazeale, and fight Fury next, “The Gypsy King” is working on his fitness already.

Promoter Frank Warren told BT Sport how the fight is likely for next spring and that “there are a lot of negotiations to take place.” Warren was speaking mostly about the venue the fight will take place at, stating how Fury very much wants it at Old Trafford football stadium in Manchester. Warren says he has to “brainwash” Fury in as much as get him to think about other possible venues the return fight could be staged at.

It’s a massive fight – potentially a fight that could bring in 1 million Pay-Per-View buys (fight-one is expected to have done over 350,000 buys and the sequel will be that much bigger no doubt) – and Fury is already getting ready for it. Is Wilder back in the gym yet himself? The WBC champ has stated how we didn’t see “the best of Deontay Wilder” on December 1st, but that we will do in the rematch.

Rest assured both giants will leave no stone upturned during training for what will be the biggest rematch of 2019. But while Fury knows he has to keep from gaining any excess weight, Wilder has just the opposite problem. Wilder entered the ring last Saturday weighing just 209 pounds. Can Wilder add any additional muscle to his lean frame for the rematch?