Thurman-Porter winner must face Avanesyan-Shane Mosley winner says WBA President Mendoza Jr.

05/18/2016 - By James Slater - Comments

The WBA, as fans may know, says it is fully attempting to put together a series of fights and tournaments designed to crown just one world champion in each weight class. The WBA currently has a number of champions in a number of weight classes – at heavyweight, for example, Tyson Fury, Luis Ortiz and Ruslan Chagaev all hold a version of the WBA crown – and Gilberto Ramirez Junior, the WBA President, wants to sort things out.

While this is a good idea on many fronts, the order the WBA has made regarding it’s welterweight champions could prove to have dangerous consequences for future Hall of Famer and former three-weight ruler “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Mendoza recently stated how the winner of the upcoming May 28th fight between “interim” WBA 147-pound champ David Avanesyan and Mosley must then be given a shot at the “regular” WBA title, set to be defended by Keith Thurman, 26-0(22) against challenger Shawn Porter, 26-1-1(16) in June.

Should Mosley, aged 44 and way past his best, be tangling with either Thurman, unbeaten and a wicked power-puncher, or Porter, a very strong and relentless pressure fighter? Back in his heyday, sure, Mosley would have had a great chance at beating either young star, but today? It could be a dangerous proposition, and one we could very possibly see because not too many people will be all that shocked if Sugar sufficiently rolls back the years to unseat little-known (and not too hard-hitting) Avanesyan, 21-1-1(11).

Mosley, 49-9-1(41) knows Porter and his father Kenny Porter very well, having sparred with the former IBF champ a while back. Surely, out of respect and admiration for the one-time great, Porter, if he beats Thurman, will not then want to fight Mosley? Thurman? He will do whatever is required of him to keep his belt, but it’s a fair bet he too would not be overly thrilled with the idea of beating up on Mosley.

One recognized, or, if you prefer, “real” world champion at each weight class under each governing body is a great idea (how long ago it was when boxing had one recognized world champion at each weight class, period!) – but not in this case. Unless of course, Mosley goes on to prove “haters” such as myself wrong by somehow managing to defeat one of the young lions currently tearing up his weight division.

Mosley would really be scoring a massive upset if he were to defeat Porter or Thurman, though. But what if Mosley got badly hurt in attempting the job?