This Is New To Me,” Says Mike Tyson On “Agreed” Jake Paul Exhibition Fight

Fans may have read the news, the quite shocking news, that broke yesterday that said heavyweight legend Mike Tyson had verbally agreed to fight Jake Paul in a highly lucrative exhibition bout. The bout, worth around $50 million, was in a state of “advanced talks,” so reported UK tabloid The Sun. This fight has of course been mentioned before and many, many fans were and are openly against it; feeling Tyson, even at age 55, would seriously hurt and damage Paul if he hit him with any real punches.

Well, it seems sanity has prevailed and we will NOT see this, shall we say, spectacle this year.

“This is new to me,” Tyson wrote on his twitter page when learning of the so-called agreed fight. “I saw Jake is St Barts and he never mentioned it.”

Also, as per The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Tyson’s wife shredded the news story last night, saying how her husband “likes the Paul brothers and does not have any intentions of fighting either one of them.”

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, though, right? Only, Tyson Vs. Paul never was a good story to begin with. Fight fans are sick of these novelty exhibition bouts, and the mere thought of this one was/is enough to make a hardcore boxing fan sick to the stomach. Tyson can box fellow legends if he wishes to engage in further exhibition events; he has earned that right. Paul? Who really cares?

At least now we now know Paul will not be the victim of a very nasty accident the way he would very possibly have been had he really shared a ring with the two-time world heavyweight ruler and former “Baddest man on the Planet.”

There are still limits these days, even in the sport of boxing. Thank goodness. Still, where on earth did The Sun get this news from? Regardless, we can now take this one and file it in the fake news section.