The Ten Greatest Welterweights Of The Last 50 Years According To CBS Sports

We’ve seen quite a few lists pop up during these odd and, for many people, boring times. Boxing fans in need of things to replace the almost complete lack of live-action have been reading all about who was the best this or the best that, and also reading mythical fight scenarios.

It’s good stuff and lists, and Dream Fight outcomes also inspire debate – plenty of debate. The latest offering of interest is a listing of the Top 10 greatest welterweights of the last 50 years, from 1970 to the present day. The folks at CBS Sports – Brent Brookhouse and Brian Campbell credited as the two writers of the piece – have posted their Top-10. Agree or disagree with this list:

In reverse order:

10: Errol Spence

9: Donald Curry

8: Miguel Cotto

7: Oscar De La Hoya

6: Felix Trinidad

5: Thomas Hearns

4: Pernell Whitaker

3: Manny Pacquiao

2: Floyd Mayweather

1: Sugar Ray Leonard

A good list to be sure there are no screamers here. At least in this writer’s opinion. But how about you?

At first glance, my gut knee-jerk reaction was “Hitman” Tommy Hearns should have been placed a little higher. But when thinking about it, Hearns’ greatest performances might have come up at a higher weight or weights – his 154 pound wins over Roberto Duran and Wilfredo Benitez and his light-heavyweight win over Virgill Hill, for example.

Fans who dive in too quickly and just read the ten 147 pound names listed might complain how Sugar Ray Robinson, arguably the finest pound-for-pound ever, is absent. But of course, the CBS list is from 1970 onward. Maybe Juan Manuel Marquez should be in the ten somewhere, seeing how the Mexican knocked Pacquiao spark out in a welterweight fight. Then again, “Dinamita’s” welterweight resume is very thin, aside from the sensational Pacquiao KO.

All in all, a fine Top 10. What say you?

I am most pleased Sugar Ray Leonard is placed at the top of the pile, as this is most deserving; wins over Hearns (in possibly the most incredible world welterweight title fight ever seen), Duran and Benitez prove it. Floyd Mayweather might have had more world title fights at 147 than Leonard, but he does not own three wins over Hall of Fame, all-time great fighters at the weight.

Sugar Ray Leonard’s career record is 36-3-1, with 25 knockouts.