RESULTS: Sergey Kuzmin Stops David Price After Four-Rounds

09/22/2018 - By James Slater - Comments

Tonight at Wembley, unbeaten Russian heavyweight prospect Sergey Kuzmin scored the biggest win of his pro career this far in stopping British heavyweight David Price. After a good action fight that saw both men give as good as they got, Price was suddenly pulled out at the end of the fourth-round. A torn right bicep was the official reason and Price, no quitter, did look to be in pain with his arm.

Kuzmin won via corner retirement and he is now 13-0 (10) with 1 No-Contest. Price falls to 22-6(18).

A good action fight was shaping up with plenty of trading and with both men looking for the KO. Price’s so often unreliable chin was holding up fine and it really did seem to be anybody’s fight. Kuzmin was going to the head and body well, Price was also showing hand speed and a willingness to let them go.

The 3rd-round was exciting with both men really looking for the finish and both guys were being tested. Price did look tired at the bell. By the fourth both heavyweights were feeling the pace and it seemed a real battle of attrition was shaping up. At this point you would not have been surprised to see either fighter win. But then came the sudden out of the blue ending.

Price spoke briefly after the fight hand ended and he was clearly gutted at what happened. Price said he had picked up a small tear in his bicep a few weeks ago but that he had to go on with the fight. Price said that by the fourth-round he could barely move his right arm. It is unclear where Price goes from here, or whether they may be a return fight between he and Kuzmin.

Kuzmin passed the first big test of his pro career, but he certainly did not have things his own way. Price, one of the most likeable people in the sport, just cannot get a break it seems. But tonight, the 35 year old was fighting a good fight before the nasty injury occurred. What a shame for him.