David Price: “Joshua could KO Fury, but loses to Wilder”

03/27/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

With Anthony Joshua set for a return on April 1st against Jermaine Franklin and talks between Tyson Fury and Olexander Usyk seemingly reaching an impasse, former boxer and sparring partner of Joshua, David Price has had his say on the somewhat complicated current heavyweight picture.

Speaking to DAZN Bet, Price said:

“I think AJ could knock Fury out. AJ’s most powerful punches are the short hooks or uppercuts, if he could get close to Fury without Fury doing the dirty work that he does and tie him up effectively, he could land good shots that stun him.”

Responding to Hasim Rahman’s recent comments, who last week suggested that Usyk beats Fury, but would lose to Deontay Wilder, Price had an alternate view.

“Because Usyk boxes long, I don’t think he’ll beat Fury. Fury is the master of distance boxing, and he’s also the master of in fighting, like fighting dirty, leaning on smaller men and draining them. I think Fury will all overawe him. What Rahman is saying is styles make fights. Wilder can land on Uysk and put him away but I haven’t seen Usyk hurt yet. He doesn’t get hit enough to get hurt, you can’t hurt what you can’t hit.”

Price, who famously dropped AJ in a sparring session in 2011, believes Joshua would have a tougher fight against Wilder, who recently lost consecutive title fights against Fury.

“I’ve always fancied Wilder against Joshua. I just think he’s more free flowing as a fighter. He just lets his hands go without really overthinking about what comes next. I think AJ’s lost that since he lost to Ruiz and he’s become more of a thinker. He’s always been quite the perfectionist, so what I’m saying when you look at Wilder as a fighter, technically he isn’t the best textbook fighter in the world, but my God, he’s effective. AJ to look at him, he is like something out of a textbook. Perfect technique, perfect balance. Wilder’s got a looseness about him which is where his power comes from. I think his ability to be freer in the ring will be what lands him the heavier punches and I think Joshua’s tension would go against him.”

Price also suggested that British heavyweight Joe Joyce, who will be one of the mandatory fights for the winner of Fury and Usyk, should the fight go ahead, is a future world champion.

“Joe Joyce has got to win a world title. He hasn’t done enough yet, but I think he’s going to be so difficult to beat.”