Ryan Garcia’s “Perfect 2021” – A Win Over Manny Pacquiao And A Win Over Gervonta Davis

By James Slater - 02/02/2021 - Comments

We still wait and see what superstar and living legend Manny Pacquiao will do next; whether or not the 42-year-old all-time great will grant 22-year-old superstar in the making Ryan Garcia his “Dream Fight.” It’s no secret Garcia, the WBC interim champ at 135 pounds, wants a Pacquiao fight more than anything.

Well, in fact, to have a “perfect 2021,” Garcia would take two fights, one with Pac-Man, one with Gervonta Davis – and two wins would give Garcia that perfect year. There is talk, however, that if Pacquiao and Garcia do fight, it will perhaps be an exhibition. Garcia has already made it clear he would be just as excited about the bout if this were the case, yet there could be some cooling of interest from a good many fans if the fight did become an exhibition and not a “real” fight.

But Garcia says a fight between him and Manny would be enormous, pointing out the massive numbers his recent post mentioning Pacquiao on Instagram pulled in.

“People are underestimating what the current era of social media means and how powerful it is,” Garcia told ESPN Deportes. “My post mentioning Manny, you can’t imagine the numbers and what it sparked. They will see what this fight will be. [To beat] Gervonta and Manny in the same year, that would be my perfect 2021. I can’t wait to see what happens, it will be beautiful and I’m excited.”

If Garcia manages to land just one of these two fights, he will have himself a big year – all the more so if he manages to emerge with a victory. And as Garcia pointed out, the numbers pulled in by either fight would be huge. Garcia, 21-0(18) has that special look the true superstars have and the future does look bright for him. Can Garcia defeat one of the greatest fighters in boxing history in Pacquiao? Can Garcia defeat one of the best lightweights in the world today in Davis?

Will Garcia actually get the chance to beat both men this year?