Ryan Garcia Plays the Victim Card in “Death Talk” Controversy

By Tim Compton - 04/09/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia lashed at the media today, playing the victim card over the death comments that he recently made towards Devin Haney.

Garcia says that when he commented on wanting to kill WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) in their headliner fight on April 20th, the press jumped on him.

Ryan then says that when Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) started the death talk, he was given a free pass without receiving criticism from the media.

Selective Hearing: Ryan’s Version of Events

“Everybody was tripping on me saying I’m going to kill him, but he was the one that said, ‘Death to Ryan Garcia’ first. Nobody is covering that. What happened? That’s unfair,” said Ryan Garcia to the media about Devin Haney talking about death first, which resulted in him firing back with his own death talk.

Perhaps Ryan hasn’t been following the news because Haney’s death comment was reported by the media, but it was seen as trash talk by him. He didn’t go overboard with it the way Ryan did when he mentioned wanting to erase him.

“When Ryan says it, it’s a problem. When he says it, everyone is laughing like it’s a joke. That’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? He literally said, ‘Death to Ryan Garcia.’ To me, that’s a clear indication that he wants to kill me,” said Ryan.

I think it’s utterly pathetic that Ryan feels it’s okay to respond to death threats with more threats as if that makes it better. It’s like Ryan thinks it’s normal.

Ryan Logic: If I Say It, It’s Fine

“I have a right to defend myself. So, if I say I’m going to kill you, that shouldn’t be a problem. He’s a f**** idiot. I can’t respond to that. That sounds dumb as f***. He says Jake Paul is closer to him than he is to me. Think about the things he’s saying. That should be a mental health issue,” said Ryan about Haney.

Ryan’s behavior with the death threats and wild conspiracy theories is more of an indicator of mental health problems than Haney’s talking about being closer to Jake Paul.

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