Rolly Romero Says He’ll KO Tank Davis “In One Round!”

Rolly “One Round” Romero? You have to admire the sheer cockiness of Rolando “Rolly” Romero. Ahead of his big fight with Gervonta Davis (this a fight that was supposed to have gone down some months back but was postponed due to Romero getting into some legal issues pertaining to a sexual assault claim, Romero later cleared of all charges) Romero held a media workout, and the unbeaten lightweight contender predicted a one-round KO win over Tank.

There is some bad blood between Romero, 14-0(12) and Davis, 26-0(24) and the WBA 135 pound champ, and the May 28 fight should be a lively affair. But will Romero really get himself such a quick win? Will the 26 year old win at all? Romero has no doubt.

“One round, I’m knocking him out,” Romero said to reports at yesterday’s workout. “If I say I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it. He’s going to get knocked out by the first punch that he eats. He’s going to run into something. I always feel good every time I’m going into a fight. I don’t like Tank as a person and I believe he’s gonna get his ass whupped in this fight. He ducked me twice for sparring and the bad blood has been there ever since. I’ve been calling him out since 2017. The only reason this fight was made was because I wanted it. He doesn’t want this.”

Romero is certainly putting a lot of pressure on himself to deliver. Maybe this is how he likes it. Tank has of course shown good power in his fights yet struggled against Isaac Cruz back in December – Romero pointing to this fight himself, “that fight showed just how vulnerable he is,” he claimed. A distance fight between Davis and Romero seems somewhat unlikely.

But who wins?

Romero is full of belief but things can have a way of changing once the fight starts. How good is Romero? The upcoming fight should give us an answer. It might be that Rolly Romero emerges as one of the hottest young fighters in the sport. How shocked will you be if Romero makes good on his prediction of a quick KO win?

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