Ricky Hatton, 159.9 Pounds, Marco Antonio Barrera, 161 Pounds

By James Slater - 11/11/2022 - Comments

Ricky Hatton seems to have worked so hard, it’s a shame he’s not having a real fight. Today at the official weigh-in for tomorrow night’s exhibition bout between Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera and British superstar Ricky Hatton saw both veterans tip-in at a good, fit poundage. 48 year old Barrera took to the scale first, and the former three-weight champ weighed in at a pretty trim-looking 161 pounds.

It was, however, Hatton’s physical appearance and weight that drew the gasps. Hatton, now aged 44 and having battled through mental health issues along with heavy eating and drinking habits, looked great as he weighed-in at 159.9 pounds. Hatton is reported to have started his training camp for the Barrera bout at well over the 200 pound mark. The former 140 and 147 pound champion really has cleaned up his act and everyone is saying well done to him for having done so.

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Hatton says that if his weight loss can be an inspiration to other people, then great, that’s just what he is hoping for. Hatton was of course notorious for piling on the weight between fights even when he was in his fighting prime. Now, having put down the beer and the junk food, Hatton is a shining example of how living a clean life is the way to go.

Fans are hoping for a fun show in Manchester tomorrow night, with the paying fans hoping the two legends will be throwing plenty of leather; even if none of it can be expected to be unleashed with anything like bad intentions. At today’s face-to-face stare-down, the two former champions who are good friends both burst into laughter. There shouldn’t be any cheap shots or flashbacks during tomorrow’s exhibition bout, that’s for sure.

Barrera against Hatton, at middleweight (or thereabouts) – who would have guessed it.

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