“Prince” Charles Martin: Ain’t Nothing Here In America For Dillian [Whyte] But Concussions

By James Slater - 08/26/2021 - Comments

“Prince” Charles Martin – you’ve got to love him. A briefly reigning IBF heavyweight champion, one who is best known for his two-round loss to Anthony Joshua, this a well-paid capitulation in the eyes of many, Martin is a great talker. A greater talker than a fighter? Until the big southpaw proves otherwise, yeah, for sure, he has to be looked at as such. Martin, last seen picking up a decent enough stoppage win over Gerald Washington (this back in February of 2020), has again laid into British heavyweight warrior Dillian Whyte.

It seems like just about everyone (aside from the reigning world heavyweight champions) wants a piece of Whyte, and Martin, 28-2-1(25), is no exception. Martin and Whyte have gone back and forth some on social media, swapping insults, and for a while, Whyte was headed to a “profile-boosting” fight in America this year. Now, Whyte is set to fight in the UK, in October, against TBA.

And Martin has put the boot in on what he refers to as Whyte’s fear of being “welcomed to America with a nice KO loss” by his good self. Forget the fact that Whyte has shown a very real desire to fight just about anybody, but Whyte, 28-2(19) has zero reasons to have any fear of Martin. Still, Martin loves to talk.

“Dillian Whyte is running back home to the UK before he even steps foot in America,” Martin told Sky Sports, perhaps conveniently forgetting the fact that Whyte has boxed in the U.S before. “Once Dillian found out that I was going to welcome him to America with a nice KO loss, he turned the plane around and flew home. That’s the truth.”

Well, no, it’s not. Whyte WAS headed to America for a fight this year, yet he was supposed to “boost his profile in the US” by boxing on the Canelo undercard in September. But that Canelo card got delayed (to November), and, as Eddie Hearn said, Whyte was not going to sit around. So, Whyte will box a big fight (against a bigger, more dangerous foe than the still-to-prove-himself-after-the-Joshua-farce Martin) in the UK in October.

What would Whyte gain from taking out Martin (as he surely would do) anyway? We all know Whyte is the most deserving world heavyweight title challenger out there right now. How it must inflame Whyte when he has to listen to (or maybe he ignores the trash-talk) guys like Martin slagging him off.

Ask yourself this – would you bet a penny, or a dime, on Martin if he did fight Whyte?

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  1. Whyte is a bum who never fights title eliminators. And only fights guys he know he can win.

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