Peter McNeeley: “If I’m Offered The Right Price I Will Fight Tyson Again!”

You almost certainly read the news article that surfaced yesterday, informing us how promotional outfit Boston Boxing Promotions has announced a $1.1 million offer to Mike Tyson to take a rematch with none other than Peter McNeeley. Yet, like me, you are also almost certain to be asking yourself if this is indeed for real or merely a joke – perhaps the biggest joke in boxing this year!

Is this legit? Can it possibly be? BBP president Peter Czymbor gave a tongue in cheek answer in response to the question many people are asking – ‘is this a publicity stunt?’ “And to that I choose to dodge the question,” Czymbor said. But then the talk turned serious, with Czymbor saying “this will be an event like no other when it comes off.”

You can say that again, Mr. Czymbor! But it won’t necessarily be an event like no other for the best of reasons. Would Tyson actually take this fight? Ever? It seems about as unlikely as a George Foreman comeback. Even McNeeley – who was yesterday attributed the soundbite “Mike Tyson, do you want me to try to wrap you in a cocoon of horror again?” this of course the memorable line “Hurricane” came out with ahead of the fight he had with Tyson back in 1995 – doesn’t seem to know for sure.

51 year old McNeeley, 47-7(36) and inactive since his June 2001 stoppage loss to Mike Bernardo, was kind enough to give me a little of his time last night. Here’s what he had to say about the possibility of Tyson Vs. McNeeley II!

“Hey, if I’m offered the right price, then yes I will,” McNeeley said of his willingness to tackle Tyson a second time.

Q: Have you kept in shape?

“I’m 225 pounds right now,” McNeeley shot back.

Q: So is the offer from Boston Boxing Promotions legit? A lot of people are talking…..

“Let ’em talk! You never know what this might turn into,” Peter said.

“I had no fear of Tyson back in ’95 and I have no fear now, not after fighting 54 pro fights!”

Can YOU get your head around this one!?