Peter Fury confirms new date for Fury-Klitschko II is October 29th, in Manchester

It took a long time to find a date and then it got postponed, now it’s back on again – we hope. The Tyson Fury-Wladimir Klitschko rematch everyone is eager to see for a number of reasons will now take place on October 29th, so says Klitschko manager Bernd Boente and Fury’s uncle and trainer Peter. Boente spoke of the new date with German publication BILD last week and reports how Peter Fury confirmed the new date for the bout yesterday. The venue will stay the same, The Manchester Arena.

Still, all this aside, this particular fight seems to be one fans view in a somewhat sceptical manner – “I’ll believe it when they’re both in the ring,” is the kind of fan attitude accompanying this fight, what with all that has gone on: Fury gaining a ton of weight and saying on occasion he has no desire to carry on fighting, then injuring his ankle – some say through excess partying – and then, most worryingly, allegedly failing a drugs test (last September). It really does seem as though trouble goes hand in hand with this fight.

Will Fury be ready by October? Okay, that’s quite a long time away – over three months – but will Fury knuckle down and work hard from now until then, or from whenever it is his ankle will allow him to resume training, without distraction? We hope so. God forbid either fighter suffers another injury just weeks or days ahead of the new date! With these two heavyweights – who have between them been involved in around 10 big fight postponements during their respective careers – seemingly anything is possible. And there are some people who feel this rematch will actually never take place.

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Can Fury repeat his great, upset win of last November? Is Klitschko really at the end of a great career or did he merely have an off night last year? Please, let us get our answers in October. Fans will not be able to stand another postponement.