Parker V Takam a war! Round by round!

Ringside, Vofafone, Vector Arena, Manukau, Auckland City. Pro Joseph Parker (18-0-0) crowd in unanimity. There maybe the odd Frenchman or Cameroonian out there supporting Carlos Takam (33-2-1) but not evident. A sea of Parker supporters from end to end. People out in droves to watch the home town hero, Parker having grown up a 10 minutes down the road.

Takam ring walk – he looks pumped both emotionally and physically. Compact man with a set of biceps like bowling balls.

Parkers ring walk – purposeful. The crowd is going wild. Physically the best Parker we’ve seen? Looks it.

The outstandingly informed boxing calls have started with…wait for it! ‘knock him out Joe!’. Didn’t expect to hear that unique turn of poetic phrase tonight! And here I was thinking I was sitting amongst drunks! But instead they’re actually a bunch of drunken wordsmiths!

Keys for Parker- sticking Takam with his jab controlling the ring real estate in looking to walk Takam onto his right hand.

Keys for Takam – weathering the early storm, taking Parker into deep water with volume punching in trying to wear him down and bust him up.

Takam is introduced, the odd idiot booing. Parker is announced, crowd blows up! Phones come out, flashes go off! It’s a literal flash-athon!

Both fighters have put sweat on the boards and turned up in prime physical condition. Takam is cut like a diamond, Parker in the best condition we’ve ever seen him for sure. Well done lads. If appearance is anything to go by we’re in for a stoush.

Old Bull butting boxing heads with the Young Bull – wiles and volume punching versus speed, a better skill set and youth.

Round 1:

Takam looks dry. Parker looking to work his jab early, and is. Takam lands an over hand left that connects. Both men feeling each other out. Parker quick, exceptionally so. Parker looks for a right hand. Takam lands a left hand, not flush. Parker carrying his left hand low. Parkers hands are quick, real quick. Parker looks for a one two, is countered in kind with a couple of shots. Takam looks strong. Parker lands two nice jabs.

Even round – to close to call.

Round 2:

Parker looking to engage, Takam’s left hand seems to be the money shot. He lets it go from a short looping trajectory with some nighty night intentions on it. Action picking up. Each guy squaring up and letting some pig skin fly. A Parker chant goes up! 1-2 down the chute lands for Parker. Crisp! Takam a strong guy, wearing everything coming his way but will the accumulation catch up with him?

10-9 round Parker. Rounds are close. Both hustling to be in the box seat.

Round 3:

Parker looking to set Takam up on the end of his jab. Takam clips Parker with a partially landed left. Parker sends a 1-2 down the chute, doesn’t land flush. Parker jabbing well. Parker controlling the centre ring with his jab. Parker sends another 1-2 down the chute, doesn’t quite land flush. Takam not going away, bulling forward but doesn’t make anything of the real estate.

10-8 round Parker

Round 4:

Parker pumping the jab, controlling the fight with it. Takam tries a 1-2 down the chute, doesn’t quite land. Parker digs to the body and head. Takam bustles forward head hunting. Takam a strong guy. Takam bulling forward, taking the fight to Parker. Takam the busier more aggressive fighter.

10-9 Takam round

Round 5:

Parker looking to establish the jab again. Sends a hell of a right and down the chute and it lands. Doesn’t appear to have budged Takam an inch with it though. Takam is a tough, tough guy. Parker backing up Takam now. Ref calls time for something, not sure what it was, time back on. Parker back to controlling centre ring with his jab. Another piece of brilliance by an inebriated fan “get him Joe!”. Freddy Roach and Virgil Hill you are on notice! We have a boxing coach extraordinaire on the rise! Parker goes downstairs with a nice shot to the body. Takam goes chin hunting but comes up short! Takam now trying to bully Parker, trying to work him over in the corner. Takam winging punches with bad intent backing Parker up. Parker looks gassed? Takam still looks fresh as a daisy. Team Parker wants a test, they’re getting one.

10-8 Takam round. Convincing via more shots thrown, coming forward.

Round 6.

Takam bulling forward, ineffectual. Both men now swinging as Parker fights off the ropes. Can Takam maintain the heat? Parker misses with a 1-2 down the middle. Big test for Parker. He’s fighting back well, it’s a pickem fight at this point. Takam not going away, pushing forward. Takam putting Parker under the pump. Parker not using his jab. When he does it’s a hell of a weapon but not employing it enough to this point.

10-9 Round Takam. Coming forward, the more aggressive fighter.

Round 7:

Parker pawing with the jab. Both men not doing much. Parker looking for something. Not evident what. Parker clips Takam with a left. Takam not pushing forward like he has been. Parker using his jab well, carrying his left hand low though. Takam not pushing forward with the same intent…then he does. Parker working the body, couple of real nice shots to Takam’s midriff. Just heard one of the most erudite fan calls in the history of boxing ‘hit him…now smash him!’. Locked and loaded! I’m sitting among some of boxings finest minds! for sure!

Even round – to close to call. Steams come off of Takam a bit.

Round 8:

Takam bulling forward, almost chasing Pakrer. Parker not doing enough to dissuade him. Takam working Parker on the ropes. Parker lets fly with an amazing flurry of punches. Crowd goes wild! Parking laying it on thick! With peaches, cream and every other ingredient the boxing cook book. Has he got a whiff of something! Takam still there handling the speed and power! Handling the fire Parker’s sparking. Parker looks gassed!! Takam coming on. It’s a war! Takam lands with an overhand right. Good shot. Parker in a scrap in his backyard.

10-8 round Takam.

Round 9:

Parker goes looking for a big 1-2 down the middle. For Parker about mental fortitude now. He’s in the deep end of the pool. Takam coming forward. Not nearly as much action as the last round. Parker putting out the left hand. Good jab by Parker. Takam lands a left hand, it wobbled Parker? Nope, false alarm. Deep water for Joe! Is the Takam shark circling? Takam coming forward. Nice exchange in the corner as both guys go at it. Another learning boxing fan call call “punch him!”. Perhaps the fan thought Parker forgot the whole basis of boxing is built on the “punch”.

10-9 round Takam – did more.

Round 10:

Takam coming forward. Parker jabbing. Parker movement not letting Takam close in. Parker controlling the ring real estate. Parker now coming forward. Takam tries to time an overhand right. Three nice jabs from Parker. Takam trying to bull in, ineffectual. Parker jabbing and moving well.

10-9 round Parker – ring generalship.

Round 11:

Takam pushing forward. Nothing clean landing. Takam now jabbing well. Steams come off the pace form the early rounds but it is round 11 after all. Beautiful combination from Parker punching with authority. Doesn’t back Takam up though. Takam still pushing forward looking to land.

10-9 round Parker – ring generalship.

Round 12:

Takam pushing forward trying to put an exclamation mark on his fight! He wears a couple of heavy shots. Takam chin hunting. Parker lands a couple. Great last round to this point. Both men looking for a bomb. Takam doing more, he slips, up and back at it. They’re straight going at it trying to close the fight out with an emphatic last round! It’s a boxing brawl. Both men get through it still standing. Testament to amazing condition they fronted up in. Well done both men! Fans got their money worth and some! Went the full twelve – get online and watch it! It’s a good one!

10-9 round Takam – more aggressive but could have gone each way.

Takam in a close one, going to the wire this decision! Some real close rounds that could have gone either way. Parker gets the decision. Takam is devastated. Parker by unanimous decision! Now the mandatory for Anthony Joshua!

One last call from a fan after the decision was announced “you won Joe!” Phew! Glad he was there to let everyone know the decision after it had been made! Fan colour and buy in was great! The fan calls to cherish! Well done Duco the event organisers! Put on a great show!