Naseem Hamed On Tyson Fury: He’s Proved He Is The Best Heavyweight Alive Today

Like the rest of us, former featherweight champ Naseem Hamed very much wants to see Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua fight. But unlike a good number of fight fans who are undecided, Hamed is pretty certain who would win: Fury. Speaking with IFL TV, the Sheffield southpaw said that in his opinion Fury proved with his performance in the drawn fight with Deontay Wilder that he is “the best heavyweight alive today.”

Hamed, who looks like a heavyweight himself these days, what with all the weight the former 126 pounder has piled on in retirement, said he cannot see anyone beating Fury right now.

“In my eyes Tyson Fury has proven himself in amazing fashion. For me he’s gone over to the States and basically proven he is world class,” Hamed said. “After coming back the way he did come back, I ain’t really seen any heavyweight do what he did in a long time. I actually find it hard to see anybody right now who’s a heavyweight beating Tyson simply because he showed against the WBC champion, the gunslinger in my eyes, one of the hardest hitting men in the heavyweight division. For me he (Fury) won that fight clearly and a lot of people thought that he won. For me Tyson Fury’s at the forefront and he’s proved that he’s the best heavyweight alive today. I’ve got Tyson Fury beating any heavyweight alive today.”

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Some people agree with Hamed, others do not. What we need is for Fury to get it on with the other big names/champions of the division. We simply need to see Fury/Wilder II (maybe even Fury/Wilder III after that) and Fury/Joshua. But that’s the big problem – will these three actually fight, again in the case of Fury and Wilder? With all three men fighting on separate networks, fans fear it is harder than ever for them to face one another.

And until they do settle it in the only place that matters, the ring, anything Hamed or anyone else says about who is the best is talk and nothing more. In the meantime, we must sit and watch Fury fight unheralded German Tom Schwarz in June, we must watch AJ face the vocal Jarrell Miller, also in June, and we will see Wilder take care of his mandatory, Dominic Breazeale, next month.