Mayweather attacks Jake Paul after he steals his hat

In an example of taking one for the team, Logan Paul’s brother confronted Floyd Mayweather Jr at their media event on Friday and stole his hat, and ran off into the crowd with this priced heirloom.

It looked like Jake ended up with a black eye for his trouble, but it’s unclear who landed the shot on him because he was literally surrounded by Mayweather’s fans or whoever they were.

From there, a brawl erupted with Mayweather going berserk, screaming and shouting as if Jake had taken his wallet rather than what appeared to be a cheap $20 baseball cap.

The 44-year-old Mayweather Jr (50-0, 27 KOs) showed that he still has leg speed, as he gave chase to try and recapture his cap.

It looked someone got a little too close to Jake, as he fired off a right hand that cleared everyone out like a bowling ball. I guess no one wanted to get hit because Jake appeared clear a path after he threw a right hand.

It’s a good move on Jake’s part if he’s trying to help Mayweather and his brother Logan bring in more PPV buys for their June 6h fight on Showtime PPV. If this was fake, hopefully, Mayweather told his team to take it easy on Jake.

What makes this write suspect this was a purely contrived stage production from Mayweather and Jake is the fact that Floyd’s team of security didn’t jump in and wail on Paul.

It looked very, very odd that Jake wasn’t jumped on immediately by six of Mayweather’s security staff and snowed under.

It appeared that Jake was wrestled to the ground by four burly members of the crowd, whether they were part of Mayweather’s security staff is unknown.

Mayweather and YouTuber Jake Paul need attention to their June 6th exhibition match in Miami in the worst way so that the boxing fans will come to see it live at the Hard Rock Stadium and purchase it on Showtime pay-per-view.

Today’s brawl makes all the sense in the world because Mayweather and Logan need a lot of noise to be generated for their exhibition because thus far, the match hasn’t caught fire with fans.

How could it? On one side you got a superstar boxer in Floyd Mayweather, and the other a YouTuber in Jake Paul, who uses boxing to hustle celebrity matches.

In Logan’s only pro fight, he lost to fellow YouTuber KSI by a six-round decision in 2019. Logan looked purely awful in that fight, gassing out in the first 30 seconds of the clash, holding and grappling for the next five rounds.