Malik Scott: “I Would Love to Get a Crack At Seth Mitchell. I Believe His Style is Picture Perfect for Me”

Malik Scott - Exclusive Interview by Charles White - Congratulations on the big win Malik. How are you feeling after this big victory?Exclusive Interview by Charles White – Congratulations on the big win Malik. How are you feeling after this big victory?

MS: Thanks bro, I’m feeling great. I hopped right back in the gym the same night after the fight and I think I was more sore from my after fight workout then the actual fight. Personally, I don’t even consider that a big win for me. It was easy work and I beat the shit out of Bowie with basically one hand the whole fight so now it’s on to the next so-called test, whoever the hell that’s supposed to be.

For those who didn’t get the opportunity to see the fight, walk us through it briefly. What was working for you and how did you put an end to this fight?  

MS: Like I said before it was easy work. I used my jab, I was dressed down in defense and Bowie was looking for one shot all night that he never could land. It was so much more obvious I could have done more to make Bowie quit a lot more sooner than he did and that was my main reason for leaving the venue that night directly after the fight and going straight to the gym to fill in the loop holes of things that I didn’t capitalize on that night against Bowie. As a matter of fact he should consider himself very lucky.

This was your first TKO victory since 2008. How did it feel to get the stoppage and can we expect to see a more aggressive Malik Scott from now on?

MS: Well actually that was only my 3rd fight since 2008 considering the injuries I suffered from and the managerial and promotional issues I went through. But getting a stoppage was good I guess considering that the kid decided to quit in the last round. But besides that I’m just focusing on performing at a higher level and up against top level guys such as myself.

Did Tupou present any problems for you throughout the course of the match?

MS: None at all, I mean, besides the obvious of him being a strong puncher which meant nothing to me because I was dress down in defense pretty well and guys with that short come forward one punch style really have no chance in hell at beating a fighter like myself with all the skills and attributes I bring to the table.

He does have some pop in his punches, but you’ve faced some punchers before, like Raphael Butler. How do you rate Tupou’s power compared to the others you have faced in the ring and in sparring?

MS: I can’t rate his power because he didn’t touch me and like I said, off of my steady peppering jab, I was dressed down in defense very well and I felt his physical strength and a few glancing  shots went  by me with a few shots touching my arms, but nothing flesh at all. The hardest puncher I ever been in the ring with was Lennox Lewis and nobody I ever fought or sparred has come anywhere remotely close to that, period.

Kudos for coming in at a svelte 226 lbs for this fight. Since your comeback, you have transformed your physique immensely with great results. How do you feel at this reduced weigh?

MS: I feel great and I’m feeling better and better as time goes on.

What’s next Malik? Anybody on your radar?

MS: Of course, anybody in the top 5 or top 10. The kid Bowie I just fought was ranked number 15 before we fought so right now I would love to get a crack at Seth Mitchell. I believe his style is picture perfect for me but then again that’s the reason I would never get that fight. I guess this boxing shit is all politics, so I just live my life and stay ready at all times because you never know when you will get an opportunity call.

Have you seen the Adamek-Walker bout yet? I’m sure an Adamek bout would be ideal for you right now, but assuming that fight couldn’t be made just yet, would a fight with Travis Walker interest you? That would be a classic boxer vs puncher match up.

MS: Adamek and Walker was a great fight from the clips that i seen, but as far as me fighting either guy I would be willing and accepting to the challenge faster than Superman changes clothes.

I think that we can both agree that it is high time that we have a real challenger for the Klitschko brothers, and the list is getting narrower by the day. What sets you apart from all of the others Malik? What makes you the right man for the job?

MS: Well first off, I’m a very logical and honest person and I never talk shit but I talk plenty truth and I think I’m one of the few people that believe that the Klitschko brothers have had real challenges but they handle the challenges so easy that people get all the facts concerning them misconstrued. I can’t speak for any of their other fights or challengers but with all the talent, skills, and other attributes I bring to the table, I give myself a good shot with either one of them.

In your opinion, what does it take to defeat a Klitschko? What sacrifices must be made, and are you prepared to make them in order to ensure victory?

MS: Well first of all there has to be no fear and you have to understand you’re fighting men that are human like you and that they have been defeated before and they can be defeated again. Second of all, your training camp has to be the worst obstacle you ever went through in life. I’m talking the best sparring and surrounding yourself with a team that wants it just as much as you do and more. I’m just a huge fan of keeping God first and great preparation makes anything possible.

Now about all of your tattoos that I keep hearing about. How many do you have total? And is it true that you have a picture of Kim kardashian and Kimora Lee Simmons on your legs somewhere?

MS: Well as far as my tattoos go, I stopped counting how many I have 4 years ago. I have them everywhere bro, too many to count. And yeah, on my leg I have a pic of Kimora and I have a pic of “K”LEOPATRA. I’m real radical and spontaneous about how, why, and when I get my tattoos, but they all mean something special to me and that’s all that counts.

Ok, I gotcha. I hear you and Deontay Wilder are good friends and he has a lot of tatts as well and that there might be some friendly competition going on. Who has the most between you two?

MS: Oh I think I got Deontay beat right now, but he’s on my bumper and catching up to me pretty quick.

Thank you Malik. Any final thoughts for the readers? Perhaps a message for your fellow heavyweights?

MS: Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, thanks for supporting, thanks for hating, thanks for critiquing. I love it and accept it, whichever way it comes.

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