Legendary cornerman casts doubt on Deontay Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott

10/06/2021 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Harold Knight is the legendary trainer of Dillian Whyte and Lennox Lewis. The American also trained and nurtured Denotay Wilder’s new head trainer Malik Scott for his first dozen fights.

In an interview with MyBettingSites, Knight casts doubt on Deontay Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott, who he used to train… believes the duo’s close friendship and Scott’s inexperience a problem.

Knight: “Can Scott tell Wilder what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear? They need to keep it business not friendship… eliminate the fanboys. A legacy is on the line… if Wilder loses, he’s done”

“Boxing is a small, small circle. I know Malik Scott very, very well. He is a very good guy, very humble. I knew Malik from when he first went professional. I trained him for his first 12 fights. We went 12-0, I had Malik on his way up. I believe Malik can bring out some assets that Deontay Wilder has because Malik has a boxing mind.

“We will see if Malik is the right guy. Malik is a boxing guy but we will see which approach he takes, whether it’s going to be business or friendship because obviously Deontay and Malik have been friends together for so long, for so many years. Deontay picked up Malik in 2014 and said: ‘Hey, I’m going to help you out, I’m going to give you a shot, I’m going to have you fight me for a payday.’ So when I say ‘we’ll see’ I mean we’ll see if that friendship will come into play or if it will be business.

“I believe he will be good for Wilder, but from experience and being around Malik for a long time, it’s a fine line between friendship and business. So if Malik can keep it business rather than friendship with Wilder, I believe they can do some good things.

“This is business, this is high stakes boxing, this is world championship boxing, legacy is on the line. If you are a friend of the guy you train, you are going to tell him what he wants to hear instead of what he needs to hear. It does not work like that, not in championship boxing, especially coming off a loss and going into a third fight. So you want to be going in training camp and say: ‘I like you and respect you but this is business, I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, you’re going to be mad at me, you’re probably going to curse me out, but at the end of the day, you’re going to thank me because I’m going to stay on your case.’

“This is what I hope Malik has done. Generally you want to eliminate fanboys, you want to have people around you that are going to take you to another level. When I came aboard with Dillian Whyte for example, I came to tell Dillian what needs to be done, not be a yes man.

“Also, Malik hasn’t been in the corner before as head trainer. But you have to start somewhere. So once again, when you get to this world championship level, legacy on the line, how you react in the corner is important: what you tell your guy when he’s losing or winning, or what you tell him to help get him through. If you lose this you’re done, so you want to be able to pull out all the stops in this fight.”

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  1. Everyone wants to compare this fight to everything except fighting! In the end the best fighter wins!! You can be awkward, skillful graceful or downright vicious but the best fighter wins!! So tonight the best fighter will be raising their hand and the other one will be eating crow as for you so-called experts and commenters who never fought their way out of a paper bag. And this is from someone who has fought in the street fault multiple people at the same time and in prison and in the ring mic drop!! No excuses

  2. Unless Wilder got his combinations together & put work in his footwork, Wilder ‘s style isn’t changing much. I hope Fury isn’t looking past Wilder because he’s still a very dangerous puncher. Wilder needs to add head movement, move side to side, establish a piston- like jab that won’t stop & not get sucked into Fury’s mind games. Wilder can learn alot from da Usyk/Joshua fight da way Usyk approached it. Not da same styles but Usyk’s movements give EVERY heavyweight problems

  3. You’re all a bunch of dirtbags Wilder is a bum and so aren’t you And trump sucks too

  4. Tyson Fury is just big and quirky
    Awkward goofy and nasty with his tounge sticking out no class in or out if the ring he will get knocked down and out again but this time he wont be getting back up… Watch and enjoy…

  5. Fury is without a doubt a better boxer but if Wilders cornerman has honed his skills in how to slip punches watch his distance in throwing his punches it will be a short night for Fury. Wilder put him down once and he can do it again for good. Wilder in five.

  6. I have to agree about losing a lot of respect for Wilder. I really liked him and wanted to see him unify the division. Breland may have well saved him from permanent damage and all Deontay has done since them is try to discredit him and Fury’s win. Bummer

  7. Fury is a cheater a liar and will be knock out!!!! All these people forget Wilder put him down twice!!!!

    • So? Fury whooped Wilder’s ass for just about every single round and put Wider down twice.

  8. Yes, Tyson Fury is a more pure boxer than Wilder, but what i saw in the second fight was Wilder willing to die in the ring if he had to, a boxer willing to die, especially a heavyweight with great punching power is always dangerous like a cobra, just when you think you got him, he strikes and your finished.

  9. Angelo Dundee and Muhammad Ali were best friends, Ali listened to no one, remember the rope a dope, that wasn’t Angelo Dundee idea.However, things seemed to work pretty good for Ali.

  10. I’ve followed boxing now for over 50 years. I’m looking at truly one of the most embarrassing fighters to be the face of boxing in the heavyweight division with Tyson Fury. This guy is not good for the sport he’s awkward, goofy, and he is a dirty fighter pushing his height/ weight around. No class, nothing. Ali,Foreman, Iron Mike, Larry Holmes, and Lennox Lewis!! He’s out in 2 rounds!! Cannot stand Fury he’s a mockery for the sport.

    • Come on, he is a sloppy goofball I’ll give you that. But to say he is a mockery? He is the better boxer. Wilder can throw, but as for actual defensive boxing skills…he isn’t world class. And his offense is solely built around the KO power. So we have a one dimensional fighter going against probably the most naturally talented HW since Lennox Lewis (and he might have even more natural talent than Lewis.). Unless Fury gets sloppy, or has had a lazy training camp, Wilders only chance is a KO.

    • Fury is the GOAT ur a jealous little twat get over it the world doesn’t revolve around your dumb ass you sound like a absolute idiot

  11. I think it’ll go pretty much the same as last fight !!! Even if he brought in the BEST trainer/coach it hasn’t been enough time to change Wilders skills and might actually screw him up !!!

  12. Wilder became trumps version of boxing, the king of lies and excuses! Lost lots of respect for him. Wilder blamed everybody and everything but himself, which will end with same result, win for Tyson!

  13. With allthe money wilder got and noi g thus is his last hurrah with fury why wouldn’t you hire a expert trainer his life is on the line here bro he definitely needs to win this fight why not get a sugar hill lime fury did and won with sugar. . i dont get it he hired a fighter instead of a trainer with so much on the line . if wilder has any chance of winning he can not back up he needs to rough it up and go for broke . and maybe he gets luck and lands the bomb . if not fury will make him pay lime before .

    • Its sad that wilder has chosen to be immature in his personality towards his self and his boxing skill set. The two areas you need to be honest in to heal and grow in life. If those are neglected or not addressed honestly, you stay childish and immature emotionally and always cast blame on others, (bad character).
      Tyson will handle wilder again because of wilders flat boxing skills and lack of boxing intelligence.

    • He hired a fighter instead of a trainer? Malik has been in his corner for years..secondly most trainers were fighters before they became trainers…get the hate out of your heart and make some sensen

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