Live Updates: Tyson Fury TKOs Tom Schwarz

By Michael Collins - 06/15/2019 - Comments

Tyson Fury smashed previously unbeaten #2 WBO heavyweight contender Tom Schwarz in stopping him in the second round on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) knocked Schwarz down with a series of head shots in round two.

Bleeding badly from a cut on the bridge of the nose, Schwarz retreated to the ropes, and covered up like a sparring partner. Fury then hit the punching bag-like Schwarz at will with shots until referee Kenny Bayless was forced to stop the fight. The match was stopped at 2:56 of round two.

This was the 30-year-old lineal heavyweight champion Fury’s fourth fight of his comeback, and it was arguably his worst opponent of the bunch. In no way shape or form did the 25-year-old Schwarz (24-1, 16 KOs) resemble a fighter that deserved to be ranked #2 by the WBO or even in the top 50. Schwarz looked worse than mediocre, which isn’t surprising because he was getting dominated in his fight against journeyman Senad Gashi last year through six rounds before the contest was stopped on a disqualification.

Fury hurt Schwarz with a left hand

Any chance Schwarz had of winning the fight went down the drain in the second round when Fury hurt him with a left to the head. The shot from fury bloodied Schwarz’s nose, and put him on the canvas. Schwarz showed guts in getting back up, and continuing to fight. Fury tagged the hurt Schwarz at will at that point with him pinned to the ropes, trying to cover up best as he could. At the exact moment that referee Kenny Bayless stepped in to stop the fight, Schwarz’s corner threw in the towel. It didn’t matter though, because Bayless had already stepped in to stop the fight.

This was one of those fights were it you can’t tell whether Fury is that good or a case of Schwarz being that bad. The way that Schwarz fought tonight, he would have been beaten easily by almost any contender in the division. In Schwarz’s fight last hear against journeyman Senad Gashi, he was getting dominated by him at the time that the fight was halted after he was head-butted by him. Schwarz fell down on his back after the head-butt, and the referee stopped the fight and disqualified Gashi. If not for that, Gashi likely would have won.

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