LA Fight Club: Franco KOs Pasillas, remains undefeated

Golden Boy Promotions presents a fantasic night of boxing live from the Belasco Theater at the LA Fight Club! Fans were not disappointed with the four action and skill packed bouts featuring three of the LA areas youngest rising prospects.

Main Event – Super Flyweights: Joshua Franco (9-0) TKO Victor Pasillas (8-7-2) (televised)

Round one starts off with both fighters in high defensive guard, however Franco found ways to slip in a few right hooks to the body. Much slower paced round than the previous fights. Round one Franco.

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Franco starts off round two digging some solid left hooks to the body, taking advantage of Pasillas high guard. Franco using lateral movement and a sharp left hook upstairs and to the body, Pasillas seems more content in only covering up. Round two Franco.

Round three offers more of the same, Franco looking to be in control landing solid left hooks while Pasillas only follows him around the ring. The difference in ring IQ and skill level is apparent. Franco steps in close and and lands a straight right to the top of Pasillas’ head dropping him to his knees, Pasillas fails to rise to his feet by the end of the count.

Franco by TKO third round.

Co-Main Event – Super Lightweights: Jonathan Navarro (9-0) UD Angel Rodriguez (8-7-2) (televised)

Solid first round action from both fighters. The hometown favorite Navarro controlled the first round with his sharp one, two combo and occasional left hooks. Rodriguez showed great poise and chin by withstanding the strorm.

Round one Navarro.

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Round two Navarro easing into combinations to the body, backing up the game Rodriguez. Navarro landing solid left hooks to the body. Rodriguez sneaks in a counter right hand flush to Navarro’s chin stunning him. Navarro steps back and resestablishes his control using his original one, two combo’s from a distance. Round two Navarro.
Round three Navarro using plenty of faints and head movement to work himselft inside to land that reliable one, two. Rodriguez backing up and finding himself against the ropes often, although still throwing punches back.

Navarro’s jab is the difference maker, holding the distance and allowing other punches to land. Both fighters slowing down in the third, though Navarro still controlling most of the action. Round three Navarro.

Round four starts with more of Navarro’s crisp jab, moving Rodriguez around the ring. Rodriguez showing good defence by blocking several of Navarro’s right hands, although still getting tagged regularly by his jab.

Rodriguez slips in two solid right hands to Navarro’s chin while he lays on the ropes. Navarro finishes the round strong with two solid right hands of his own. Round four Navarro, but the gap is closing.

Round five starts with two sneaky counter left hooks by Navarro landing flush on his target, he seems to have his second win back. Navarro gets in close and rips shots to Rodriguez’ body, making him cover up. Whatever momentum Rodriguez was building seems to be fading. Navarro again jabs upstairs and as soon as Rodriquez drops his guard he ripps to the body with several left and rights. Round five Navarro.

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Round six starts slow but heats up about half way through with both men trading shots against the ropes, providing the best action of the fight. Both fighters appeared to be a little shaken up from the hard exchanges of solid right hands to the chin. Navarro steps back and collects himself, resestablishing his jab and winning the rest of the round in decent comfort. Round six Navarro.

Navarro by unanimous decision.

TV Opener – Lightweights: Ryan Garcia (8-0) KO Devon Jones (2-2) (televised)

The California native Garcia, the more experienced, calm and calculated fighter, used his jab and reach to establish distance and set up his sharp right hand which dropped the sloppy and wild swinging Jones twice in the first round. In the begining of the second round Jones rushed in trying to land his own straight right and was caught with a crisp counter left by Garcia, flooring him. Jones beat the count, but was quickly dropped again by a left hook as the ref waved off the fight in the second round.

Garcia by KO second round.

Super Lightweights: David Mijares (5-0) UD Evincii Dixon (7-16-2) (untelevised)

Mijares by unanimous decision.