Khan gets a miracle

Taking a look at the fighters who seem to have nine lives – Zab Judah, Shane Mosley, you can now add Amir Khan to that list. Having gone 2-2 in his last four fights, Khan is on the verge of cashing in a lottery ticket, by fighting P4P best Floyd Mayweather Jr. Having stuffed the Floyd website ballot box Khan’s come from behind win over Marcos Maidana tells us just how badly Khan wants to fight Mayweather. And on top of it all Khan thinks he can win!

I am not one for listening to all of Khan’s talk, he’s a good fighter but not an elite fighter in my view, he reminds me a little bit of Victor Ortiz. While he’s training to face one fighter, he’s always talking about another fighter that he’d like to face down the road, leaving room to underestimate the guy he’s about to fight. He’s flawed enough to believe he’s great but yet he’ll look beatable and actually take a beating against 2nd tier opposition, which was the case in his last fight against Julio Diaz.

A lot of boxing pundits accuse Mayweather of running in the ring but what I saw of Khan during rounds 10-12 of his bout against Marcos Maidana was actually a fighter running for his boxing life. Scheduling and then un-scheduling a bout against Devon Alexander was also a bizarre event cause Alexander was beatable and would’ve given Khan the credibility that he currently lacks to face Mayweather. In any case, Mayweather has yet to make his decision and other polls on the world wide web overwhelmingly have Marcos Maidana as the guy that Floyd needs to fight next. Which would make for a more lucrative fight since Maidana dominated Mayweather’s little brother ‘Adrien Broner’ in his last fight. The impressions of Maidana’s beatdown are still fresh in many fight fans minds, leading many to believe that Maidana has the goods to do the same to ‘Big Bruh’.

This writer wouldn’t be in the least surprised if the rug gets pulled out from under Amir Khan and Mayweather chooses Maidana. A Maidana fight in my view will bring in bigger PPV buyers, because many who will shell out $75 will do so in the hope of seeing Mayweather lose! And in my opinion the guy that Mayweather will lose to is NOT Amir Khan.