Pacquiao Demands A Rematch Against Marquez After Bradley

By Alon Calinao Dy - 02/11/2014 - Comments

“Mexicutioner” Manny Pacquiao (55 wins, 5 losses, 2 draws) is willing to fight Juan Manuel Marquez (55 wins, 7 losses, 1 draw) once again for a fifth epic bout – that only few veteran boxers in the sweet science have done.

According to Pacquiao’s interview with Lee Hawkins, he is demanding a rematch against Marquez. He told, “If he (Marquez) wants, I want that fight to happen, because you know, I’m about to finish him in our last meeting.”

That’s right. If you have watched their fight last Dec. 8, 2012, Pacquiao was about to close the chapter of Marquez’s career when the Mexican fighter landed that “Lucky shot,” that was believed by many pundits and pugilists.

He (Pacquiao) repeatedly stressed out that he became careless during the fight because he wanted to finish Marquez early on their bout. When Marquez was about to lose the contest, Pacquiao made a huge mistake, and Mexican boxer took that chance to knock the Filipino boxing icon out.

Pacquiao has promised his boxing fans, especially Mexican fans, that he will bounce back from hi defeat. For now, he is going to concentrate first on his rematch against the undefeated American Timothy Bradley. This time, he would try to punish Bradley for his controversial win on their last bout.
After that, Marquez should give him a fifth fight for a public to know who is the better fighter between them.

Even famous trainer Robert Garcia and American-Mexican fighter Brandon Rios agreed that Pacquiao is not only the greatest fighter in the world, but also a great person according to by Elie Seckback.

Obviously, in order for Marquez to be given a second shot to Tim Bradley, he must handle Pacquiao first before anyone else. I think Bradley – Marquez II is not appealing any more compared to Marquez -Pacquiao V. Therefore, Marquez should prove to everyone that he can beat Pacquiao again.

Of course, Marquez will continually avoid Pacquiao and tell everybody that he is the best fighter in the world after Floyd Mayweather Jr. But the unbeaten boxer “Money May” is afraid to take a risk his perfect records.

If Marquez is a real deal, he will choose to face Manny Pacquiao again. That’s the best foght for him out there, not Timothy Bradley and Floyd Mayweather Jr. As Pacquiao said, “This is not my time yet, so my journey will continue and I will rise again.”