Keyshawn Davis Suspended For Three Months And Latest Win Changed To No Contest

By James Slater - 10/27/2023 - Comments

Some disturbing news is making the rounds concerning unbeaten lightweight contender, possible star of the future, Keyshawn Davis. As per a tweet from Box Rec’s Grey Johnson, Davis has been suspended for a period of three months and his latest win – a majority decision victory Davis scored against Nahir Albright less than two weeks ago – has been changed to a No Contest.

Davis has been handed these penalties by the Texas Commission. It’s not exactly known just what Davis did wrong, whether he has tested positive for an illegal stimulant or what. However, if Davis has been found to have taken an illegal substance, a ban of three months does seem pretty lenient. Who knows, maybe Davis tested positive for something like marijuana, and not a PED, and this is the reason for the three month suspension? At this point, it’s pure speculation.

24 year old Davis of Norfolk, Virginia, was a standout amateur and big things are expected of him at pro level. For Davis’ sake and for the sake of our sport – one that has seen far too many big-name fighters flunk some drugs test or another (and to be clear, no-one is saying Davis HAS tested positive for PEDS) – it is to be hoped this breaking news episode proves to be nothing more than a minor bump in the road for the currently 9-0(6) Davis.

Just days ago, news broke of how Davis would be taking a step up in class in his next fight, this on December 9, when he would face the experienced Jose Pedraza. Obviously, with the three month ban in place, this fight will not be happening as scheduled.

Let’s wait and see what Davis and his team have to say on this issue, which is certainly a worrying one. Until Davis does come out and explain just what has happened, speculation will of course continue to be rife. Already, various YouTube channels are coming up with all manner of stuff regarding Davis and his three month suspension.

But, as with all fighters, we must give Davis the benefit of the doubt here, and the time to speak.