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By Amy A Kaplan - 10/27/2023 - Comments

You’ve probably caught wind of the Fury-Ngannou showdown taking place tomorrow. But here’s the thing: while some are hyping it up, others see it for what it truly is – a cash grab and a huge clown show. The Saudis are rolling out the red carpet (and a fat paycheck) for this one, and let’s be real, they always get their way with their deep pockets for sports.

While the world’s making a ruckus about Fury-Ngannou, the real stars are shining elsewhere. That’s right! I’m talking about Amanda Serrano and the ever-controversial, yet undeniably influential promoter Jake Paul.

Firstly, can we just have a moment to shower Serrano with the praise she rightly deserves? This woman is not just a boxer; she’s a boxing revolution! Her undeniable skill, combined with her unwavering passion, has paved the way for so many in the world of women’s boxing.

We’re talking about a champ that’s taken the division by storm! From the streets of Puerto Rico to the global boxing ring, Amanda’s journey has been phenomenal.

Short, punchy, and always to the point – that’s Amanda in the ring. But out of the ring? She’s a total sweetheart. With each fight, Amanda has proven time and again why she’s not just a great boxer but also a significant force to be reckoned with. The world of boxing has seen few fighters who command such respect and admiration, and Amanda, darling, is right up there. Now, with Jake Paul in her corner (and let’s be real, whatever your feelings are about Jake, he’s done wonders in promoting the sport), Serrano’s popularity has soared to even greater heights. With Most Valuable Promotions taking charge, we’re sure to see a showdown that’s genuine, heartfelt, and all about the sport!

Amanda Serrano is stepping back into the ring tonight, live on DAZN at 8 pm ET, to challenge Danila Ramos at the Caribe Royale in Orlando. However, even though Serrano reigns as an undisputed champion, her WBC title won’t be at stake this time. Why? The WBC decided not to sanction this fight. And the reason? The bout is set for 12 three-minute rounds, signaling a significant shift and advancement in women’s boxing.

There is an underlying issue many have with the sport — those two-minute rounds. With the outstanding quality of athletes in today’s women’s boxing boxing scene, sticking to such short rounds seems outdated and, frankly, not giving them their due.

Jake Paul, under his promotional banner ‘Most Valuable Promotions’, is the main push behind this fight. Ever since he ventured into combat sports, ‘The Problem Child’ has been a staunch supporter of Serrano. He’s on a mission: to give women’s boxing the same level of respect and recognition as men’s.

Taking to social media, Paul highlighted the importance of the upcoming fight and its groundbreaking nature. And oh, he couldn’t resist throwing a subtle jab at the Ngannou vs. Fury fight, saying, “The most significant boxing event this weekend features two women ready to make history this Friday on DAZN (not pay-per-view). Watch Amanda Serrano in action as she gets to experience 3 minutes per round for the very first time.”

It’s clear as day that Serrano’s fight is a make-or-break moment for boxing, shining a light on the sport’s evolution. This is the fight to watch, the first-ever unified championship between two women, setting the pace with 12, 3-minute rounds. It’s a testament to how far women’s boxing has come and the strides they’re making to stand toe-to-toe with the men’s division.

Fury vs. Ngannou: Overpriced Circus Show or Worth Every Penny?

Now, let’s flip the script to the Fury-Ngannou spectacle. A spectacle indeed. And while there’s no doubt both men have talent, let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t about the love of the sport or the challenge of competition. This is about the cha-ching! The Saudis have their eyes (and their expansive wallets) set on this event. When they set their sights, they don’t miss. With their deep pockets focused on boxnng and other sports, they’re pulling all the strings.

To watch Fury take on Ngannou live on ESPN+ PPV, fans in the United States will have to cough up a cool $79.99. Now, I love a good show, but that’s one hefty fee, especially when many are labeling this whole affair a “clown show”. But, I guess when there are huge paydays involved, this is the price we, the audience, have to bear.

Fury’s camp doesn’t seem to be sweating this upcoming fight too much. They’ve already lined up the next one. Yep! Queensberry Promotions and Top Rank Boxing were all smiles and excitement, announcing Fury’s fight against Oleksandr Usyk just weeks before the Ngannou showdown.

This move is drawing eyebrows for two reasons. First, it looks like a jab at Ngannou. Like, “Hey, we’re so confident we’ll beat you, we’re already making plans for the next big event.” But, the second reason might hit their wallets. With an important fight against Usyk in the pipeline, will fans think twice about spending on the Fury-Ngannou bout? Especially when a significant undisputed heavyweight championship fight is waiting in the wings.

This fight is nothing but a magnet designed to pull in the masses. The UFC loyalists will rally for Ngannou. The boxing enthusiasts will flock for Fury. Heck, even the casual onlookers, wondering if this rather rotund, bald-headed boxer can indeed stand against an MMA giant, will tune in. But beneath all that glitter and spectacle, it’s clear: It’s a cash grab.

So, while the dollars might be flowing towards the Fury-Ngannou fight, let’s not lose sight of what’s genuine and REAL. Watch Serrano vs Romos FREE & LIVE on DAZN tonight at 8 pm ET!

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