Katie Taylor – Chantelle Cameron III On For May 25 In Dublin

By James Slater - 02/21/2024 - Comments

t won’t be at Croke Park as was Katie Taylor’s dream, but the rubber-match between Taylor and Chantelle Cameron has a date: May 25th, the venue the same as the previous two fights, this the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland. Former 140 pound champ Cameron, who beat Taylor in the first fight but lost her belts in the rematch, spoke with The London Independent.

“A date has been set, 25 May,” Cameron said. “Me and Katie both want the fight, it’s just to do with us getting paid the correct money. Croke Park’s not happening, it’s gonna be the 3Arena.”

Some fans may feel it unfair that all three of these fights will take place at the same venue in Dublin, this of obvious home town advantage to Taylor. Perhaps a neutral venue would have been fairer. Still, Cameron has shown she is willing to go into the lion’s den, and she will do so again. Cameron was hard done by in terms of the scores in the second fight in the opinion of some fans, Taylor getting a majority decision when some did feel as though Cameron did enough to win.

The first fight, also a majority decision, looked to be a clearer win for Cameron. It seems another distance fight is very likely for May 25. Matched so well together, a KO isn’t likely from either Taylor or Cameron.

Cameron, though, has said she feels Taylor benefited from some “help” from the referee in the second fight.

“I would like a fair fight (in May). I beat her the first time and I think I beat her convincingly,” Cameron said. “The second fight, she beat me, but do I think the referee gave her a little bit of help? Yeah, I do, because of the headbutts, the holding, everything that was going on. [That’s] my honest opinion, but there’s no frustration, because she’s the champion. I’ve got to do what any challenger has to do – go to her backyard and snatch the belts back.”

In other news regarding Cameron, she made the surprise announcement this week that she and trainer Jamie Moore have parted ways. The duo worked so well together, a split was not excepted. Cameron says the split was “amicable.”

Now, to May 25 and the deciding fight. Who wins? Again, a third distance fight looks likely, but who will get the points victory this time?