Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez In The UK This Summer?

By James Slater - 02/10/2023 - Comments

According to sources who spoke with, there is a good chance Josh Taylor could fight Teofimo Lopez in the summer. As per the news story, no deal has been signed but the fight is being looked at for May or June.

Former lightweight champ Lopez, now of course campaigning up at 140 pounds, has been calling for a fight with Former unified 140 pound ruler Taylor for some time (Taylor, inactive since his controversial points win over Jack Catterall a year ago, vacated three of his belts, with him still holding the WBO belt).

The obvious question that springs to mind with regards to a Taylor vs Lopez fight taking place this summer is, what about that return fight between Taylor and Catterall?

This rematch – seemingly a fight both men want – has been all but jinxed, the return fight suffering from postponements three times. How long will Catterall have to wait for his rematch, and what happens if Lopez beats Taylor?

Sure, Lopez Taylor is a good fight, maybe even a great fight, and of course we would all tune in. But fair is fair, and this talked about fight does not indicate fairness towards Catterall. At all.

Former 135 pound boss Lopez says lots of fans want to see him fight Taylor. And, in speaking with Sky Sports News a while back, Lopez said he is more than willing to come to the UK to face Taylor. Now it seems there is more to this possible fight than just talk. And Lopez, never a guy to mince his words, declared how, if the Taylor fight happens, he will “tear him up.”

“I’d tear him up, from the body to the head, he’s not going to know which one I’m going to hurt him with,” Lopez, 18-1(13) said of the unbeaten Taylor. “He’s going to think I’m going to the body, next thing he knows I’ll be going to the head. I honestly believe that I’ll knock him out too. I actually will put him down better than what Catterall did. He won’t come back up, that’s all I can tell you guys. A lot of people would like to see me take on Josh Taylor, and I’ve been calling him out. Especially to do it out there in the UK, I really want to experience that.”

Lopez say he would definitely be tuning in when Taylor and Catterall boxed their demanded return fight – this a rematch that should have happened months ago now – and Lopez said he was open to fighting whoever won. Now, if a deal can be reached, it seems it could be Lopez fighting Taylor and, well, to heck with Catterall and his more than deserved rematch.

Again Taylor, 19-0(13) against Lopez is a darn good match up, but how will it look if Taylor never does grant Catterall his return fight? This when everyone knows Catterall gave Taylor his toughest fight by far?

Nobody ever said the sport of boxing was fair, did they!

Last Updated on 02/10/2023