John Fury Says Tyson Fury Will “Send Deontay Wilder Into Retirement This Time”

09/17/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

If John Fury, the father of reigning WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, is proven correct, this October 9 will see the final fight in the career of former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. Speaking on ‘The Heavyweight Debate’ on BT Sports, 55 year old Fury came out with some great lines as usual. Fury Sr, who was almost bang-on accurate with his prediction going into the February 2020 return fight between Fury and Wilder, said how “people who like blood and snot everywhere, and injuries, they’re going to have a right night.”

Fury Sr said his son will beat up Wilder and will retire him from boxing on October 9.

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“Tyson will send him into retirement this time,” Fury Sr said. “He’ll never box after this, he’s going to get beat to pieces, smashed to pieces. Deontay Wilder this time, how can two wrongs produce a champion? Malik Scott is all wrong. Where are they going to get a win from? He got humiliated last time, let the whole of America down. He’s lucky to be boxing Tyson for a third time. He doesn’t deserve it, after that last performance, it should have been him [Fury] and AJ. This man is just a bump in the road. We’ve got the antidote for him, which I can’t discuss on camera, because we’re going to execute it on the night and that will be the end of Deontay Wilder.”

It’s true it will one hard, long road back for Wilder, who will turn 36 on October 22, if he is beaten and beaten soundly by Fury again. Wilder is of course still convinced (he has convinced himself) that Fury never ‘truly’ beat him in either of their two fights (fight-one being scored a draw of course), that he was ‘done wrong’ by a Fury who ‘cheated.’ Wilder now is putting absolutely everything he has into this third fight. Lose, and it really could be the last we see of Wilder.

Some good judges are picking Wilder to get the win this time, and Wilder and his team are, like Fury and his team, claiming they have the game-plan and the stuff needed to get the win this time. It would be some amazing comeback from a 36 year old heavyweight if Wilder was able to turn the tables and avenge one of the most one-sided beatings seen in recent heavyweight history.

But Wilder has no chance, according to John Fury. A man who seems to get it right more often than he gets it wrong.