Joe Goossen out, Ryan Garcia parts ways with coach

By Will Arons - 05/01/2023 - Comments

Ryan Garcia has quickly parted ways with coach Joe Goossen in what some view as a kneejerk reaction by the fighter after his loss to Gervonta Davis.

Plenty of coaches are willing to take over as Ryan’s new corner, one of which is Calvin Ford, the trainer for Gervonta. Ford has already volunteered for the job. It’ll be interesting to see if Ryan goes in that direction and how long their partnership lasts, for he, too, is canned.

The accumulation of everything that went wrong for Ryan during the fight and his camp led to his decision to give Goossenthe bounce.

A mole in Ryan’s camp was reporting information back to Tank Davis’ team. It’s unclear whether the sparring partners were fired after this information came to light.

Assuming all the sparring partners were kept in camp, including the mole, you could understand why Ryan parted ways with Goossen.

As a result, Ryan has given Goossen the heave-ho, which isn’t surprising because someone has to take the blame for the popular Instagram star’s seventh-round knockout loss to Tank Davis.

Interestingly, Goossen wasn’t seen at the post-fight press conference following Ryan’s crushing loss to Tank Davis on April 22nd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fans on social media noted that Goossen, and Ryan’s promoters, Oscar De La Hoya & Bernard Hopkins, weren’t seen at the press conference after the fight. Whether that’s, Ryan’s reason for chucking Goossen is unknown.

With the way that Ryan seemed rudderless during the fight with Tank, that could be the ultimate reason why Goossen has been given the bum’s rush from his position as his coach.

It’s believed that Ryan Garcia decided to fight aggressively against Tank Davis and not his coach Goossen. It’s hard to believe that Goossen would tell Ryan to attack a murderous puncher like Gervonta because his chances of success would be minimal.

This is the second consecutive trainer that Ryan Garcia has canned, as he recently split with Eddy Reynoso. These are high-quality coaches that Ryan is evicting, and it’s hard to believe that it’s their fault for why he’s failed to find success.

It’s unlikely that Ryan Garcia will choose to go back to Reynoso because he would need to humble himself and admit that he made a mistake in leaving his camp.

Also, Reynoso would expect hard work from Ryan, and whether he’s focused enough is questionable.  Ryan is a millionaire with a fortune estimated at $20M, and likely a lot more after his $15M payday for his fight with Tank Davis. When you’ve got that kind of money as Ryan does, will you dedicate yourself enough to be successful in boxing? That’s a big NO.

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