Ryan Garcia not saying who will replace fired Joe Goosen as new coach

By Jeff Sorby - 05/01/2023 - Comments

Ryan Garcia isn’t saying who his new coach will be after the news of the firing of his trainer Joe Goosen today after the popular Golden Boy fighter was beaten last month by Gervonta Davis.

This is the second famous coach that Ryan has canned, and it’s not looking good for whoever gets the as his new trainer. When you got the kind of money that Ryan has with his $20 million+ fortune, you’re not going to stick with a coach unless it’s a ‘yes-man,’ and even then, it’s questionable.

The trainer Goosen was up against it from the start, teaming up with Ryan, who he revealed early on that was someone that he had to collaborate with rather than train traditionally. In other words, Ryan was headstrong, not easy to instruct, and a guy that wanted to do things his way.

Looking at Goosen attempt to give instructions to Ryan during the Tank fight, Kingry’s eyes were shifting around, gazing at the crowd and not focusing on his 69-year-old trainer while he was talking to him. It looked like Ryan had no interest in what was being told to him by Goosen.

To listen to what Goosen said previously about coaching Ryan, you can tell that it was an impossible situation where he had a guy that was difficult to train because he felt he knew better or as much as his teacher.

There are people like that in jobs, and you always hope you don’t run into them if you have to try and train them because they are a pain to work with.

“You don’t necessarily train Ryan Garcia, and you can’t take it negatively,” said Joe Goosen to Boxing Social. “You do train him, but on the other hand, you have to collaborate with him because he has his ideas and thoughts, and they ring true 99% of the time.

“So, as a 24-year-old, he has the mind of a brilliant coach as well, and that’s why he’s going to be impossible to beat,” said Goosen.

The word “impossible” rings true when it comes to what Goosen was up against trying to train the uncoachable Ryan Garcia.

Goosen’s absence at Ryan’s post-fight press conference can now be understood, as he could have been immediately fired after the defeat. It’s quite possible that Ryan terminated Goosen as his trainer on the spot in the dressing road after his loss to Tank Davis last month.

No decision has been made on Garcia’s next trainer, sources said, as he looks to continue his quest for a 140-pound title shot. “Goossen didn’t respond to a text message seeking comment,” said ESPN’s Mike Coppinger.

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