Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: Will Woodley Derail The Jake Paul Hype Train?

08/28/2021 - By Chris Carlson - Comments

This Sunday night Jake Paul takes on his toughest test to date (on paper) versus former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Has Jake bit off more than he can chew this time around? Will Tryon Woodley derail the hype train that Jake Paul has been brewing for the last few years? The event will be broadcasted by Showtime PPV at a price of 59.99. The tickets start as low at $10 which is a smart move given Paul’s younger fanbase.

Much of the hardcore boxing followers completely hate the idea that a Disney actor/Youtube star has turned to boxing as a full-time profession. It started with a doubleheader featuring the Paul Brothers on for a 10 dollar PPV on Youtube headlined with Logan Paul vs. KSI. On a personal note my nephews had rented the fights that night & as soon as I visited them they had me watch the 6-rounder between Logan and KSI. It was scored a draw so they want me to be the deciding factor in who actual won. Both guys were very sloppy and no surprise we’re tired after a few rounds. One thing that did standout to me in the Jake Paul fight was he ability to throw punches straight relatively speaking of course. One of my nephews is a much bigger fan whereas the other is a common or casual fan of the sport of boxing.

On Super Bowl weekend the Paul Bros were back in action this time Jake faced a ridiculous mismatch against another Youtuber in Ali Eson Gib on DAZN. Another easy night in the ring once again, this time knocking out former NBA player and dunk contest winner Nate Robinson on Triller. The stoppage made the rounds on social media which helped casual fans take note of Jake Paul. Another quick KO over Ben Askren in April only inflated the ever growing hype-train combined with Logan Paul holding his way to the final bell with Floyd Mayweather. Now Jake faces a fighter that both UFC and boxing fans either know or have at least an idea who Tryon Woodley is.

This boxing podcaster will give Jake Paul credit for taking the sport and his training serious over the last 3 or 4 years. And even if you despise Jake you at least have to give him some credit for stepping up the challenge in just his 4th pro bout (whatever that means). Yes, Woodley is not a boxer instead an MMA fighter for a long time. The key to sell this fight is the size compared to his past opponents and the fact that Woodley is known for his striking not just wrestling in the UFC. Tyron has fought at a very high level in MMA and has shown some form on power at least.

One mistake Woodley can’t make is repeating the “Superman” punch where he leaves his feet while throwing a punch. For MMA fans and fighters I can see why they think it looks cool or effective but in boxing that won’t work as well. Not only does leaving your feet take something off the punch it can also put you in horrible position on defense. Another item worth pointing out is Woodley’s stance as an MMA fighter as opposed to a slightly different boxing stance. Digging a tad deeper let’s hope for Woodley’s sake that he doesn’t attempt to use the “shoulder-roll” defense perfected by Floyd Mayweather and James Toney. The only reason this is being brought up is he trained with Floyd Mayweather in Miami and also released a video of him using that defensive technique.

YouTube video

Jake Paul has to remain patience and stick to his straight punches focusing on good habits and technique rather than looking for a knockout. Out of the ring comments prove Jake thinks mighty high of his skills, even setting a goal to fight Canelo in the coming years. In the ring Jake has been discipline and managed to stay within himself waiting for the right time to throw the right punch. One advantage Jake has over Tyron is the amount of time he been training and sparring for just boxing.

We haven’t seen Jake go many rounds but it will be interesting to see if and when both of these basically novice boxers gas out after a couple of rounds. Look for Woodley to be the aggressor but not necessarily aggressive in the opening rounds. My guess is Tyron will want to play it a tad bit safe and get him in to the later rounds or at least 2 or 3 rounds in to fully explode on offense. The best gameplan for Woodley would be to somehow get on the inside and make this a rough and tumble affair. Leaning on Jake and clinching on the inside could make Jake tired and likely frustrated. Use body shots on the hips and elbows, basically toeing the line of fair play.

Jake might be able to hold his own on the inside and his camp better have prepared him for this possible style from Woodley. Jake did wrestle at a fairly high level so he won’t be completely loss in the trenches facing a much-more experience grappler. The biggest question lingering in the back of my head is if just one training camp as a full-time boxer will be good enough for Woodley to win this fight? Like it or not the more accurate and developed boxer is Jake Paul at this stage which is the main reason for picking him to win on Sunday. If Woodley doesn’t put a dent in Jake’s confidence in the early goings look for Paul to turn up the pressure.

My Official Prediction is Jake Paul by late TKO or Majority-Decision.

Side Note: The undercard features Amanda Serrano in co-main, Montana Love vs. Ivan Barancyhk, along with prospects Charles Conwell, Daniel Dubious, and Tommy Fury.

Written by Chris Carlson Host/Producer of The Rope A Dope Radio Podcast Available at www.blogtalkradio.com/ropeadoperadio &  Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio