Is Floyd Mayweather considering fighting GGG?

The latest going around on the net is the verbal sparring between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Khazakstan’s own GGG. GGG has said he’s confident of beating Mayweather should they meet September 12, 2015. Mayweather has responded saying that “GGG has never fought a top opponent in his whole career”!

GGG is lobbying to be Mayweather’s opponent for what will likely be the Las Vegan’s last fight of his career. Fan interest will be at an all-time high should this fight be made cause many fight fans buy a Mayweather PPV in hopes of seeing Floyd Mayweather LOSE and this fight would be extra special considering that Mayweather will be ‘equaling’ Rocky Marciano’s record by winning.

With his boxing pedigree GGG won’t be hesitant to walk Mayweather down and take the fight to the smaller man, something Manny Pacquiao was unable to do possibly because of his shoulder injury.

Probably seeing the few moments of success slick boxer Willie Monroe Jr. was able to have against GGG, Floyd might be emboldened, him being much slicker and better defensively. Floyd could also pocket another cool $100M+ by facing the 160lb contender, that would soften the blow of him losing. If this fight is to be made I’m sure that Mayweather WILL request a 152lb catchweight with a 10lbs re-hydration clause. Floyd will also choose the gloves probably 10oz gloves with a lot of padding in the knuckle area. If GGG is willing to concede to all of Mayweather’s demands this fight has a good chance of being made.

If they’re going ‘back and forth’ in the public media who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. After all this is the best money fight for Money Mayweather, while also being the best fight for his boxing legacy. Should Mayweather take and win this fight there’d be no doubt of his place in boxing history – TBE.