Is A Deontay Wilder – Dereck Chisora Fight In Any Way A Good Idea?

By James Slater - 12/29/2021 - Comments

You might have caught Eddie Hearn, soon after British warhorse Dereck Chisora’s brave but losing effort against Joseph Parker in their rematch, saying how he feels Chisora would beat Deontay Wilder “if the fight goes past four rounds.” And now, speaking about his own particular Dream Fights for 2022 on The DAZN Boxing Show, Hearn has said a Wilder Vs. Chisora fight would be “the perfect comeback opponent for him (Wilder) in June 2022.”

But is this fight really such a great idea? There were calls for Chisora’s retirement (again) after the punishing 12 rounds the 37 year old endured against Parker. Now, the idea of putting this proud veteran who has 12 losses on his record in there with the lethal-punching Wilder might be one that appeals to Hearn and Hearn only. Chisora is one tough warrior yet there is a limit to how much he can take – and should take. Chisora is a hard man but he is not a hard man to hit.

I don’t know about you, but I can see only disaster for “Del Boy, AKA War” if this fight does come off. Chisora we know will take the fight if it is offered to him, he’s that kind of fight anyone, anywhere tough guy. But would Chisora have any chance against the Wilder we saw smash Tyson Fury to the ground with that monster right hand in the fourth round of their epic trilogy fight? Okay, Wilder took plenty of punishment himself in that fight and he, like Chisora, may not be the same fighter he once was as a result of the hefty whacks he has taken.

But if Wilder did not suffer any long-term damage, if he’s still the same super-dangerous puncher he always was – and there is no real reason to believe his power will have gone anywhere – he knocks Chisora flat, doesn’t he? The mere idea of this fight is not for the squeamish, while if the fight did happen it would be one to watch through sweaty fingers; at least for those people who care about Chisora’s health it would be.

Some fans may see where Hearn is coming from when he says Chisora can beat Wilder “if the fight goes past four rounds.” But I would be a millionaire if I got six numbers on the lottery. What’s more likely, a lottery win, or Chisora making it through four rounds of a fight with the man who has scored 41 KO’s, 26 of them coming in less than two rounds?

Chisora deserves better than to be thrown in as Wilder comeback fodder.