How Shocked Would You Be If Fury Knocked Out Wilder?

Tyson Fury, along with his old/new trainer Sugar Hill, is telling absolutely anyone who will listen that he is deadly serious about his intention, his prediction, of knocking out Deontay Wilder in their fast-approaching return fight.

Fury has even picked a round, the 2nd. Fury says he would have got Wilder put of there in their first fight, back in Dec of 2018, but that he ran out of gas and was unable to get the job done. Now, fully fit and as ready as can be, Fury insists he will get the KO; the early KO. Now, not too many people are willing to believe Fury, least of all Wilder (who says nobody believes Fury, that he has “pillows for hands”). But could it in fact happen?

Of course it could. All heavyweight fighters can punch, especially one who stands 6″9 and tips-in at well over the 250 pound mark, and despite the length of his reign as WBC king, there are plenty of doubters who worry about Wilder’s chin and of course we have seen Wilder rocked, wobbled and hurt, haven’t we? Heck, Eric Molina, in a game effort, shook Wilder, while Luis Ortiz had “The Bronze Bomber” rocking like a good one in their first fight before Wilder managed to turn things around.

Fury never noticeably shook Wilder in their draw of a darn good fight, but he did land some attention-grabbing blows. Is Wilder being foolish, tempting fate even, when he says Fury hits like a pillow?

Let’s get to it: how shocked would YOU be if Fury did flatten “big dosser” Wilder on February 22? Very shocked? Mildly shocked? Not shocked at all? It wouldn’t be an absolute stunner, not at all – Wilder has been hurt before as we know. But it would be quite a dramatic moment, the monster puncher who has levelled so many foes, being taken out and given a dose of his own medication.

And as for the bragging, the boasting and the hollering Fury would engage in if he managed the KO, well, we’d never hear the end of it. Wilder has actually said that if Fury did KO him, he would retire from the sport of boxing. It would be that devastating to him.

The stakes are high going into the sequel, and Fury has perhaps put additional pressure on himself by so honestly predicting the KO win. Or has Fury put more pressure, of the mental kind, on Wilder?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where would a Fury KO Wilder rank for you, knowledgeable fight fan?

Deontay Wilder, 42-0-1(41). Tyson Fury, 29-0-1(20). How different will these numbers be come February 23?