Hearn: “The Whole World’s Gonna Watch Conor Benn’s Next Fight!”

03/09/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Speaking with IFL TV, Eddie Hearn says he “can’t wait” to announce Conor Benn’s next fight; this a fight the promoter says will take place in June. Right now, there are plenty of hints that it will be all-time great Manny Pacquiao next for Benn – who is still fighting to clear his name after failing those two drugs tests last year, this forcing the scrapping of his huge domestic fight with Chris Eubank Jr. But Hearn says there are “three names” in the running as far as Benn’s return fight.

Hearn said Benn’s return will be massive, with the whole world tuning in, and the Matchroom boss said he “doesn’t care” what people think of Benn, whether they think he’s a cheat or not. Hearn said “it’s time” for Benn to fight again

“Love him, hate him, write him off – whatever you wanna do. I don’t care. I just wanna see him fight again,” Hearn said to IFL TV of Benn. “And we will be dropping big fight news in a big fight for Conor Benn, he’ll be fighting in June. His next fight will not be in Britain and that will be announced in due course. Conor Benn’s next fight, the whole world’s gonna watch it. It’s gonna be a massive fight and we’re close now to agreeing that fight and signing the contract.”

When pushed if the fight will be Benn against Pacquiao, Hearn said there are in fact three names in the mix – Pacquiao, Eubank Jr, and a third, unnamed fighter.

“There’s three fights that we’re looking at for Conor Benn next,” Hearn explained. “That [Pacquiao] is one of the fights. Chris Eubank Junior is another fight, which personally, Conor Benn wants that fight – badly. And then there’s another fight as well. We’ve had multiple offers from the Middle East for Manny Pacquiao against Conor Benn. We’re seeing if that is going to progress. There’s been no contract sent to Manny Pacquiao. There have been conversations and negotiations with Manny Pacquiao’s team, and Sean Gibbons.”

So, it could be Pac Man next for Benn, or it could be Eubank Jr (Hearn said it’s up to Eubank Jr, if he wants to “make a lot more money” by fighting Benn than he would by fighting recent conqueror Liam Smith a second time), or it could be another guy. But Benn’s return WILL be massive. It will find a huge audience. Not everyone is willing to accept that Benn is not a cheat – far from it in fact, with many fans and critics still feeling Benn is guilty of taking an illegal stimulant – but the TV numbers will be enormous. Especially if Benn does get the Pacquiao fight.

Let’s wait and see what Hearn’s official announcement, coming “in due course,” will be.

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