Gennady Golovkin On His “Secret” Way Of Beating Canelo Alvarez

11/27/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Floyd Mayweather aside, no-one has come closer to beating Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez than Gennady Golovkin (or some say Erislandi Lara deserved the decision when he fought Canelo back in 2014). In fact, many fans agree GGG fully deserved the decision in their first fight, the 2017 draw, while a good margin of fans felt Triple-G also won the second fight he had with Canelo.

Now, as we still wait for the third, decisive fight between the two fighters who have enjoyed far different amounts of success since the second fight – Canelo going on to achieve great things, GGG having been most inactive – Golovkin has spoken of the “secret” he has that will allow him to defeat Canelo should the third fight happen.

Speaking with UK tabloid The Sun, GGG spoke of how a third fight between he and Canelo is “the most sought after fight” in boxing right now.

“Of course there is a secret,” GGG said with regards to how he can beat Canelo. “But it’s not the kind of secret you talk about, that’s the secret you demonstrate. The right publicity should be done, the organisers should make it happen and I’m sure Canelo has secrets against me, I have secrets against him. We all have the keys to victory and the only way to see if those keys fit the lock is to have this fight, to make it happen. This fight should be publicised in the fight way, it should bring a lot of interest for everyone. Because, let’s be honest, it is one of the – if not the most – sought after fight even though it will be our third fight.”

“Will be out third fight?” Let’s hope this one does happen. If it doesn’t, years from now, we will look back with regret. This is an unfinished rivalry; as in we do not know who is the truly superior fighter of the two. But can GGG (who will turn 40 in April) roll back the years, first against Ryota Murata who he will fight in Japan in December, and then against 31 year old Canelo next year?

So many of us are waiting to see how Golovkin, 41-1-1(36) looks when he fights Murata. It seems to have been so long since the middleweight champ last boxed. How much has GGG got left, and will his “secret” really allow him to put a halt to Canelo’s amazing run of success?